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Monday, April 23, 2012

Diaper Deals

Spent the day collecting craigslist diaper deals.

First was a total of 210 disposable premie sized diapers for $45.  That's about a weeks worth for 2 babies, right?  I'm pretty sure our girls will be in premie sizes for at least a week so I'm thinking that's a good deal.

Then I got a collection of 8 all in one cloth diapers, designed to grow with baby through potty training, and 4 small sized diaper covers for a total of $60. Score!

Now these have been well loved, but the snaps are all in good condition so they are salvageable.

The main problem of course is where the absorbent part of the diaper attaches to the cover.  This gets pulled a lot and the there's a lot of holes.  

But that's ok.  This gives me a couple of opportunities.  First of course is the cheap diapers.  The second, I need to practice my sewing skills.  And practicing on something that will be getting pooped and peed on seems rather appropriate.

So!  I went into my "get rid of" pile of hand me down clothing and found a little white turtleneck.  This will be the perfect material to make diaper patches.

In order to practice with my sewing machine, I made a collection of little pouches by sewing 2 pieces of material together on 3 sides and then turning them inside out.  I opted to do it this way for a few reasons.  

  1. I wanted each spot to have 2 layers of material.  They are diapers after all. 
  2. I didn't want any edges to fray over time, so by sewing them together and then turning them inside out, the seams and potential fraying points for the material are tucked inside the patch.  The last edge, welllllllll, I'm not sure it's worth the time and energy and fiddly bits it would take to tuck the edges in and sew them to the edge is nice and folded.  But hey, 3 outta 4 pretty edges is pretty good for a diaper patch!
  3. By adding fabric instead of just sewing the holes together, it will reduce the stress on those corners in the future reducing further tearing.
So here's comparison of what the holes looked like, and what the patches look like when put into place.


  1. Hi Alex, this is Lisa Bruce. We have met before and I worked with Keith at the Everett store. Anyways, we cloth diaper and love it! It's super easy and you save so much money! The site I ordered all mine from was they are called kawaii diapers. They have really good deals!

  2. Wow I am impressed you are serious about cloth diapering for twins! I am also considering it because it can save a lot of money if we have an inexpensive way to wash them (we will have to do a cost-analysis because if we don't have a washer/dryer in our next apartment then it might not be worth it depending on how much diaper laundry costs).

  3. I love your patchwork! Good Job!

  4. I would have never thought about how to patch cloth diapers, that's so awesome!

  5. You did an awesome job! They look great and they will probably work better now too.

  6. Hi, ElleRoss from babycenter- I really have to commend you on using cloth diapers for your twins! You will get used to them very quickly and love saving so much $$!


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