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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stuff I've been up to

Spent some time on the phone with the insurance company today.  Found out that if Obamacare holds up, come August they will be required to pay for me to rent a breast pump, all the equipment and supplies, and any lactation consultant support that I need.  Yay!  Assuming the supreme court doesn't overturn that, that's quite a bit of money that won't be coming out of my pocket.  Wow, politics affecting my actual life.  Whoda thunk it?

I went to a Moms of Multiples meeting.  I went during my last pregnancy and then unfortunately lost my qualifications about a week later.  So I waited longer to go this time.  Mostly because I'm afraid to do anything with this pregnancy that will deja vu the last pregnancy.

I'll be joining officially before the next meeting.  It really is a great organization with really good, pragmatic benefits for its members.  This meeting had a question and answer session with a pediatrician that was really helpful.

Another cool thing about the meeting, I got to see a friend from the birthing class I took during the first pregnancy.  I was hoping she and I might get to know each other after the class, but then when I lost the girls, I couldn't handle watching her with her boys so I had to break off that budding friendship.  Fortunately, she understood and is just as awesome as I remember her being.  We hung out for a while after the meeting.  Unfortunately, I was in hormonal meltdown mode so I wasn't exactly pleasant company, but we're back in touch so hopefully we'll get the opportunity to hang out when I'm not a snotty mess.  There appears to be a small group of snarky bitches in the toddler mommy subsection of the moms of multiples and I think they noticed that I'll fit in with them just fine even if my twins are younger.

Other than that, all I've accomplished lately is getting registered for baby stuff.  Not a clue as to what I'm doing.  But I have a registry on Amazon and at Babies R Us for the internet impaired members of my family.  We pretty much just tossed everything possible on the registry with no expectations that anyone will buy us any of it.  We don't know what we'll actually need and what we won't, and how many of what since we're having twins.  I figure if we put it on the registry, we might get a coupon for some of it, and we'll have it bookmarked if we find out we do need it later.

I was afraid Babies R Us would trigger a major meltdown, but I actually got through it ok.  Probably because it was a weekday, practically empty, and actually a rather small store.  By the time I was pooping out, we were finishing up.

And now, for fun, a few of the items I've registered for.  I'll try to narrow it down to kind of cute stuff.  The code for these pictures will be blocked if you have an ad blocker on so if you want to see the pics, you'll need to turn that off.


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