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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Friday, April 20, 2012

28 weeks and all's well

Don't have a lot to report.  Why is that?  Because nothing's wrong, that's why.  It's a really weird feeling for me.  Wow, everything's fine.  Just so foreign!

At my ultrasound today, my cervix length is still holding strong around 2.6cm and the twins are still measuring equal to each other, but about 5 days small, but still within the normal range.  Blood pressure is good.  No sign of anything that might indicate premature labor.  Just, everything is fine!

Doc thinks we're actually going to make it to term and will have to schedule a c-section.  Term being 34 weeks or longer.  Can you imagine?  My birth experience might actually be average rather than some panicking emergency.

It does look like we're opting for c-section.  Because I'm a first time mom and we've got twins, things would have to align just perfectly to go vaginal, and even that would have some risk factors.  We just have no idea how much room my body is going to allow for birth because it's never done it before.  Baby A is currently breech and likely to stay that way while Baby B is transverse.  Unless they both turn perfectly head down by 32 weeks (they won't have enough room to change positions after that), vaginal delivery just isn't in the cards.

And I'm totally cool with that.  My whole concern is that things happen as controlled as possible.  With a vaginal birth, there are too many unknowns, less room to work with, just generally a little more complicated.  With a c-section, things are under control.  I asked about the various benefits of vaginal delivery, like how labor helps the lungs, and my doc said that a lot of those theories were actually debunked about 4 years ago.  I feel good that the issue is settled.  Sometimes there's comfort in having options taken off the table so I don't have to consider them.

I'm starting to get some lower back pain pretty consistently.  I'm going to get a decent maternity belt and hopefully relieve some of that pressure.  

Oh!  And I passed the diabetes test again!  Ok, actually I failed the fasting number.  92 and above is failing and I got a 93.  But the following numbers were all within range.  We're upping my metformin to my pre-pregnancy dosage and he wants me to track sugar after meals for the next week just to see how the numbers fall, but over all, no gestational diabetes for me!  Yay!

Probably no more ultrasound pics.  They are so big now that you can't really tell what you're seeing on the ultrasound anymore.  Back to being big blobbies.

We took a carseat safety class and have a clue as to how to install carseats now.  They had the one that we've chosen as one of their models so I got to really fiddle with it which was nice.  K is now on a bit of a deadline to learn to drive a stick.  Even the pros went wide-eyed to learn that we're having twins and I have a 2-door car.  I think he actually got somewhat convinced that we might need to switch cars.  I'd rather he learn how to drive it now rather than wait until he's in a sleep deprived haze after they're born.  He's going to have to learn from my dad.  I've tried to teach him, but I'm a panicky passenger as it is so I just tensed him up.  My dad is completely calm and will be a much better teacher.

And tonight's grand experiment - I think we're going to try sleeping on the couch.  I just can't seem to get comfortable in bed anymore but I'm able to doze on the reclining couch pretty easily.  While dozing isn't deep sleeping, it's an improvement over the achy insomnia I'm dealing with now.  I dunno though.  Just feels wrong and weird.


  1. Well hey only 6 more weeks to go and you'll be having your hands full of babies. Good luck on getting sleep.

  2. Woohoo that is great news!!!!!!

    I had to sleep on the couch for a week when I had this horrendous cold recently and it felt so sad to sleep alone on the couch. But wherever you're finding sleep, I guess, is where you should sleep... rest up now, hopefully in 6+ weeks you'll be very very busy :) :)

  3. So glad everything is going well! You need your sleep. It doesn't matter how or where you get it. If you are more comfortable on the couch then sleep there. It won't be forever.

  4. 6 more weeks! 6 more weeks! 6 more weeks! YAY!!! Sleep or remain still with your eyes closed (not while driving of course) as OFTEN as you can now.... almost ANYWHERE you can. =)

    Hang in there.. this is usually the most uncomfortable part, but you've grown healthy babies and they are growing more every minute, every hour and every day. Keep on cookin'!

    ~Lisa L.


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