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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Really? Just, really?

Ok, seriously world, this is the direction we're heading?  Oh come on!  It's just getting friggin laughable now.

Here's the latest.

Just got a phone call from my aunt.  She heard about my elevated prolactin levels and had a concern.  You see, my cousin has battled a brain tumor for the last several years.  Getting it cut out, having it grow back, messing with his eyesight as is pressed on the optic nerve.  Some serious shit.  For all I'm going through, my cousin D has really had the worst of medical scary shit in our family.

Guess how they discovered it?  Elevated prolactin levels and headaches at the base of the skull. 


Seriously world?  You're giving me the same flippen symptoms that lead to the discovery of a brain tumor in my cousin? 

I've had pressure pain at the left side of the base of my skull for years.  Well before any of this crap started.  Nothing severe, just a random kind of sharp ouch between my ear and my neck. 

When they finally figured out what was going on with my cousin, his prolactin levels were in the thousands.  Mine are still in double digits so nothing nearly as severe as what they found with him.  But they also told him that it had been growing probably more than 10 years when they finally found it.  And for me, we're assuming that the prolactin is still raised due to the pregnancy.  Prolactin is the hormone that tells your body to produce milk, so yes, it's very likely just a hold over from the twin pregnancy, even though it's been over 3 months.

I'm sure this will turn out just like the mole that scabbed over yet turned out to be nothing.  Honestly, I'm not scared at the moment.  Just a bit incredulous that really?  Of all the things I'm dealing with right now, I need to consider the possibility of a fucking brain tumor???  It's like a frakkin soap opera!  Seriously, I would be rolling my eyes at the writers who even proposed this next potential storyline!

I'll be getting my prolactin levels checked in a couple of weeks.  If it hasn't dropped drastically or if it's increased, I'll be insisting that my doctor send me for an MRI just to double check.

I give up.  I just need to laugh at this because it's so flippin ridiculous.

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