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Monday, November 22, 2010

Symptoms - week 14

It's been a few weeks since I've done a pregnancy symptom rundown, so here's what I'm experiencing:

Still no nausea.  Food preferences still gear towards the healthy (cottage cheese with berries tossed in is a daily snack) but I have a little more tolerance for less than fabulous food.  Still can't handle cloyingly sweet though.

Need to eat every 2 hours or so.  It's getting really irritating trying to find things to eat that I didn't just eat an hour ago.  I've found that Nature Valley Granola Thins are wonderful.  They're a new product.  Granola that's about the size of half a graham cracker with chocolate on one side.  These are perfect when I'm suddenly hungry RIGHT NOW and it's going to take 10 minutes or so to prepare something more substantial.  Seems to hit my stomach immediately and cure that hungry ache while not filling me up so much that whatever I was preparing is no longer needed.

I've only gained about 3 lbs.  Regardless, I'm so busting out my new maternity jeans on Thanksgiving!  All hail elastic panels and a husband who cooks!

I'm still feeling like I've lost 20 IQ points, and several motor skill levels. My typing has gone to crap and I can hardly finish a sentence without confusing words in it somewhere.  As a result, I've printed out a calendar and taped it to my prenatal bottle so I can keep track of whether or not I took my vitamin today.

I'm shedding like crazy.  I thought pregnant women didn't lose hair so they get really nice thick hair by the time they deliver?  Not me.  I've had thick hair all my life.  Really thick.  New hair dressers are frightened to dig in thick.  So I can afford to lose plenty of hair and it won't really matter.  But yeah.  I bought a brand new brush (because the old one was getting too icky to clean) and when I brushed my hair this afternoon, I had what would usually be 10 days worth of hair tangled in it.  And I'm constantly pulling hair off of clothes, my arms, it's just getting everywhere. 

Lower abdomen always has that feeling like I just ate too much fast food.  That kind of heavy, and I might get the runs in an hour, but I'm fine at the moment feeling.

I have more energy than I had for the first couple of months.  I've grown accustomed to doing nothing so I still don't have a lot of motivation.  But when I do have something to do, I'm more prepared to do it.  But I do wear out pretty quickly.

Something is funky with my sleep.  I'm waking up around 7am and I can't get back to sleep.  So I watch tv for a couple of hours because I don't have the energy to actually get up, then fall back to sleep later in the morning until 1 or 2pm.  This is not conducive to any kind of accomplishment in life.

Still hitting the bathroom a lot.  I think it might be settling down a little bit, but it still seems excessive.

My nose is always full yet feels dry.  Going through a lot of kleenex and there's a touch of blood mixed in.  And I'm still sneezing a lot.  

I'm getting zits.  Damnit.

My cat will not leave me alone!  He's following me everywhere.  He never used to concern himself with me.  When I sit, he lays down.  When I try to sleep, he's crawling all over me to get to a snuggle spot.  His 17lb frame is not appreciated when it's all stepping on sore boob!  Seriously, here's what I was looking at while taking pics for the blog yesterday -

For the squeamish, this symptom and the next aren't for you so, so just look at the pretty kitty!  You're done reading now!  Bye!


I think I need a stool softener.  Nuff said.

Family members reading this blog, look away, for you, that was the end of the blog post, no really, you don't want to know.  The sex thing.  It's still not really on the radar.  We're counting how many times a month rather than how many times a week.  For lack of a better description, my body simply does not want to be invaded right now.  Not by a husband, not by a doctor, it just wants to be left alone.  Brain is starting to swing back the other direction, so I'm hoping the body will be catching up soon.  K hopes so too.


  1. I am never getting rid of my maternity pants. I still wear them. Sometimes I fold over the stretchy part as though they are yoga pants, but I prefer my blue jeans like this.
    the bleedy nose? put some vaseline or mineral oil on your finger and shove it up your nose. Seriously, it works.
    The full "I am about to have the squirts" feeling is par for course too

  2. Well, you just never know where you're going to find a great idea! The calendar on the pill bottle is genius! My problem is similar but age-related and busy-related rather than pregnancy (I'm 62, I'd shoot myself!) and I have a heck of a time remembering if I took my pills. The daily compartments don't work because my pills are too big. Thanks!


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