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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Defeating power outages and time changes

Wow.  My girls are talented.

Their wake up time has been creeping later and later and I was hoping that the time change would just magically fix that.  They used to wake up around 9am but have been creeping closer to 10am, sometimes even being content in bed until a little after that.  While that's great for a mommy who likes to sleep in, it does make for a really late start to the day.

We haven't been doing anything to fix that since the time change was coming up and we figured time would just change around them making their wake up closer to 9am again.  Yesterday, we had a power outage and I thought "great!  They'll fade out with the sun and probably go to sleep a little earlier!"

Nope.  While they did fade out with the sun around 6pm, they did what they've been doing for a while.  They go to sleep somewhere between 7-7:30pm and then wake up about an hour later and play in the dark for yet another hour or two finally passing out around 10pm.  They did the same damned thing last night.  But I figured, whatever, the time is going to change, and they'll suddenly be doing everything an hour earlier, problem solved.

About 10:15am (that's with the time change, so what normally would have been 11:15am), K wakes me up with "should we get the girls up?".  The little twits!  They completely defeated the time change by sleeping in an extra hour!  Argh!!!!  I can only guess it's because I bundled them up extra warm last night when the power was out and it was getting cold.  Then the power came back on so beds were extra snuggly this morning.

To complicate this matter further, we have a party to attend at 3pm.  That would have worked out great if they had done what they were supposed to and gotten up around 9am so they could take a nap shortly after noon.  But no, they've only just faded out around 1:30pm so we're going to be late for the party.  Oh well.  It's at a gymnastics studio and since Middie Biddie isn't really walking and most of the kids there are going to be about 3 years old, they weren't going to be able to play much anyway for fear of getting run over by tumbling toddlers.  I guess we'll probably arrive about the time the toddlers have worked most of their wiggles out and are ready for cake.

Damnit.  I think Middie Biddie has been so content to sit in her crib and quietly play without waking us up that she's been pooping and then sitting in her poop for a considerable time.  K did diaper changes this morning and informed me that the rash we'd finally gotten rid of was back in full force.

It looks like we can't just let their sleep happen anymore, we're going to have to control it.  If it weren't for the rash and sitting in poop issue, we'd probably just let them do what they want.  But if she's not going to wake us up to let us know she needs a diaper change, we're going to have to create an actual honest to god schedule.  Yuck.  My days of sleeping in are over.  I guess we're going to have 9am alarms every morning now.

*grumble grumble*

Stupid need for structure.



  1. So envious that you are able to sleep in late!!! My little monster used to wake up between 4am and 5am. Last night? He woke up at 3am. GRRRR

  2. Just out of curiosity and being a snoop (not meaning to be rude) but if you don't like waking up early, the baby phase, and you like having time to "decompress" while the twins are napping...why would you want another one? You wouldn't get anytime for yourself because they'd be on different schedules plus you'd have to go through the baby phase again. I keep getting mixed signals and messages from reading through your posts!


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