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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remember when I was bored?

Wow!  Ok, interesting week.

So, remember when I was all bored and feeling useless?  The employment gods changed their minds about that.

In order to get some brain activity, potential income, basically have something to accomplish in my life, I spent the last few weeks treating pottery like a job.  I've been working on Christmas ornaments, throwing them during naps, then decorating after the girls go down for the night.  It's totally got my brain firing again as I geared up with excitement of new ideas to try and constant thoughts swirling around.

Then I get a call from a temp agency I applied to 2 1/2 years ago.  Yeah.  A month after my miscarriage, I went applying to temp agencies and really pushing to get a job and nothing ever went anywhere, then suddenly this call out of the blue years later.  They tell me they have a video capture job, work from home primarily except for an initial meeting, am I still looking for work?  Yup!  Then they tell me they submitted me as a candidate, but someone else got it.  Ok, no prob.  Get a call the next day, that person decided they don't want it after all, so can I get downtown tomorrow to start?  Uhhhhhh, sure!  But I tell them that I'm booked the following day (one of my regular video gigs that's just a couple of hours every month) and they say they can work around that.  Awesome!

The weirdness of it all - when I've needed to work, K has been home to entertain children.  Seriously, this is how it's gone -

Tuesday - 10am meeting for me so I'm gone half the morning, then work from home in the afternoon.  It's K's day off, no problem.

Wednesday - Parents come to watch the girls while I'm at my video gig.  They wake up in the morning about a half hour before I have to leave, then go to sleep about 20 minutes before I get home so I have a couple of hours to work while they nap.

Thursday - I work all day, K's day off.  Project almost finished.

Friday (tomorrow) - Project due at noon, K has the closing shift and will be leaving for the day around 12:30 so I can work all morning.

How did we luck out that exactly the days I need to work, K has been home to entertain?

Now they're talking about having me do the next project too and according to K's schedule, the same thing is going to happen (for the most part).  I go in for a meeting Tuesday morning, then they say the job will take a couple of weeks of working remotely.  Well, K has Thursday and Friday off, then he's taking off the entire following week for a vacation!  I'll probably be calling various relatives to come over for a few hours at a time to just play with babies while I work, but just pure dumb luck in timing means this won't be a daycare scramble.

Oh!  And not only do I have this gig and my usual video gig, but someone contacted me today about making some custom pottery too!  And did I mention that this week I was going to spend K's two days off tearing the bedroom apart, hunkering down and getting the rest of the floor installed?  Yeah, that's now put off for even longer.

So, I guess the lesson here is to find something to devote yourself to, that gets you excited, that you look forward to every day.  Because when you find that, when you really get working on it, other opportunities will do everything they can to keep you from doing it!

And since this is a baby blog and what's a baby blog without babies, here's a picture of the ghetto baby water park I made in my kitchen for these hot days.


  1. Oh Oh OH, love that idea for the water, MUST try it for my son!! Too cute!

    I have to go check out your pottery!

  2. Do you have a link on your blog for your pottery?

    1. I'm the idiot who forgot to show what I sell to the people who want to see it! Link is now to the right.


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