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Monday, September 9, 2013

Ah, so that's it

I think the household may be coming down with a little something.

Teeny Tiny had some dehydrated poo today and Middie Biddie has an underarm temp of 100.0.  TT wouldn't let me take her temp.  So I think we might just have a little bug running through the household and it's playing out as just a little sluggishness for everybody.

I tried giving the girls a straw cup of water to keep in their play room so they can keep themselves hydrated, but Teeny Tiny likes to play fountain with a mouthful of water.  Other than a bedtime bottle, they've been fully converted to straw cups for drinking.  But until this thing passes, I think I'll just let them have bottles full of water with them to encourage a drink now and then, and there's much less spillage or spitting with a bottle.

Unfortunately, in case they are getting sick, I'm not taking a friend up on an offer for lunch, and I'm going to miss the opportunity for one last play date with the quad family before they move next week.  Oh well.  I know how much I don't want people bringing illness into my household so I'm really strict about not bringing it into other households if there's a possibility we're carrying something.

In other news, I heard from a temp agency I applied to in January of 2011.  They've got a small project for me so I'll be getting a few hours of work this week.  It's a video project, and I just go in tomorrow morning to get the data and instructions and then it's work from home.  You just never know what seeds you're planting when you plant them, or when one might sprout, but this does encourage me to keep on planting.

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