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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sleeping transition

Apparently the magic sleep suits were indeed magic.

The temperature is rising and yesterday it got into the mid 80's in the nursery so I decided it was time to transition the girls out of their sleep suits and back into lightweight wearable blankets.  This did not go over well at all.

I dragged my feet getting the girls to bed last night because K was on his way home and I wanted him to get a cuddle before they were down for the night.  By the time we put them down, they had been awake a little over 3 hours.  They generally display sleep cues after about 2.5 hours of awake time, but stretching it out a little longer usually means they'll collapse when I put them down.

But not last night.  There was crying, fighting sleep, it was unpleasant.  Middie Biddie realized she had a freedom of movement she never bothered to explore before, so while she usually just lies there like a dead fish, last night she was rolling onto her side and turning herself around.

We tried giving them some milk because enough time had passed that I figured they were hungry, but they wouldn't take it.

Finally about 9:30, K went in, did a little rocking, and then hovered and sang for about an hour, basically willing the girls asleep.  I sat and listened to the monitor in case K wanted me to bring anything or help him out.  By the time they were finally asleep, they had spent about 6 hours awake.

First nap of today without the sleep suits went great, they were asleep within minutes.  I'm hoping the transition is complete and we don't have a repeat of last night.  Then again, I have a video job tonight so I won't be here anyway!

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  1. Wow, if I'm lucky enough to have a child I'm so going to get one of those magic suits.


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