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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not eating for three anymore

The last couple of weeks I've been drastically weaning on the pumping.  From 24 hours between to 36 to 48.  I'm currently sitting at 48 hours since my last pump and I'm not really feeling the need to, so I may have pumped my last pump.

As I went to get some bread and butter for a snack, after already having several snacks, it suddenly dawned on me, I have absolutely no excuse to eat for 3 anymore.

A year and a half of needing to stuff myself just to keep up with the baby production and now it's over.

Well, shit.  Do you mean I have to go back to being self conscious when I order dessert?  I have to actually attempt to eat like a normal person instead of just shoving whatever appeals to me into my face?  Fucking PORTION CONTROL?!?!

Damn it.

Dinner planning has been going well.  We're being flexible and often switch what days we're going to have what.  I don't know if we're eating any healthier, but we're certainly seeing less food being thrown away.  We're also grocery shopping a lot less because we're finding enough food to feed us for the week already in the kitchen, for the most part anyway.  We are definitely getting McDonalds less often so I guess we are eating healthier.

We've started getting produce delivery again.  Only once a month to make sure we use it all before it goes bad.  We've had one delivery and it lasted about 2 weeks so we're considering changing our subscription to every other week.

Baby steps.  Trying to make each improvement a habit before upping a level.

*grumble grumble*  No built in excuse to pig out anymore *grumble grumble*  My fat is now just fat and not baby weight *gripe and grumble*

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