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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A day of little things

First things first, congratulations to Bleeding Tulip!  Another infertility blogger becomes a parenting blogger!  Please welcome her new little girl into the world.

Around here, we've reached a milestone - I'm removing the newborn inserts from the car seats.  Probably should have done that a month ago, but ya know, life stuff.  We may be breaking out the 3-6m sized clothing this week too.  Yeah, I know.  They are almost 7 months old and still itty bitty.  I hope they enjoy it while they can.  With genes like ours, they'll never be tall, but they are likely to be oversized.  I hope I do better with my children in that department than I've done for myself.  It's weird to watch these little girls with most of the skills of a 6 month old in these miniature bodies.

Some cuteness - when I dance with them, they are starting to wiggle and dance on their own a little bit now.  Tra-la-la boomdeyay makes Charlotte giggle.  Charlotte is starting to sit up but Tina wants to skip sitting and tries to stand instead.  Looking forward to them reliably sitting up on their own.

On the solid food front, we gave meat our first taste today.  I figure going from fruits and veggies to meat is a major taste change, so I gave them a puree of sweet potato and turkey.  I know they like sweet potato so I figured that would make for an easier transition.  I think they liked it!

Last night was a rough night.  Tina must be having some more teething pain even though her first 2 teeth have broken through.  She was just screaming last night.  We did our best to alleviate the pain and got her settled a couple of times, but then she reached the point where she just wanted to be held.  Once the Tylenol kicked in and we were pretty sure she wasn't actually hurting anymore, we went back to the cry it out method.  At first, I was going in to rock and soothe her, but the moment we put her back in the crib, the screaming started again.  That was our indication that she was crying because she wanted attention, not because she was hurting.  The rocking and soothing was only delaying her going to sleep so we suffered through until she finally dropped off.

We have a new morning routine around here on days that K works.  He gets up a half hour early and takes a shower.  Then he wakes me up so I can pump while he does random chores and is available in case the girls wake up.  Then he goes to work and if I'm lucky, I go back to bed.  This way, when the girls wake up, I'm not desperate to pump while trying to get them fed.  Most days, they seem to wake up right around the time that K is pulling out of the driveway so I don't get the chance to go back to sleep.  This morning, we were hoping they would sleep a couple of extra hours since they were up late last night.  I went back to sleep for about an hour before they woke me up.  They woke me up at that point in the sleep cycle where if you wake up, you just feel like crap.

I've got a headache, a general body ache, and I'm really dehydrated.  I'm trying to get a lot of water in me, but that doesn't seem to be happening as much as I'd like.  I don't think I'm sick, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm changing my tune on that one tomorrow.

In making my coffee, the bag sprung a leak and my entire utensil drawer got a coating of fresh coffee grounds.  Brilliant.

Charlotte is being crabby today.  I'm not sure what her issue is.  And Tina seems to just be tired.  She's taken a 2 1/2 hour nap which is really unusual for her.  I wonder if they are feeling the same kind of crappy that I'm feeling.

Ok, Tina seems to finally be awake now that Charlotte is down for another nap.  Swell.  An out of sync day.  This'll be fun.

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  1. Ahh! Almost every day has been out of sync lately, because of the big sleep transition they're going through. I am going nuts! I hate when one baby or the other is up all day haha.

    Your girls are so cute and tiny!


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