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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The body of a girl half your age

Update on the teething thing - Charlotte's first tooth broke through 2 nights ago.  It's moments like these that I'm glad I'm not nursing.  Even though it's barely poking through, it's sharp!  I guess we need to start brushing her teeth/gums as part of the bedtime routine.  Yeah, we'll get on that soon.

Update on solid foods - Going good!  We've tried rice, oatmeal, peas, sweet potatoes, and tonight we tried green beans.  So far, no adverse reactions which I'm thankful for.  Of course, the poo has had an adverse reaction, stiiiiiiinky!  Tina is more enthusiastic about it, but Charlotte is better at getting the food in her mouth and down her throat.  Tina kind of purses her lips and goes at it like a fish which ends up spattering it around.  Charlotte has figured out how to fold her lips around the spoon so the food stays in.  Tina makes a big mess and Charlotte not only doesn't get much on her to begin with, but she keeps wiping her face with her bib just to make sure she stays relatively clean.  Tina is trying to grab the spoon and help herself.  Both have experimented with trying to shove the spoon down their throats.

The girls are at an awkward spot in terms of size and strength.  They are smack in the middle of 3m clothing, but they have the strength and skills closer to their real age of almost 6 months.  They want to play in bouncy toys, but their feet don't really touch the ground.  I think they also want to move up to the more upright stroller (they are in a carseat carrying stroller now) but the straps are designed for the average size 6 month old and bigger so it's not safe yet.

But where it really gets awkward is bathing.  We have 2 baby bathtubs, the Puj and The First Years .  We've been using the Puj in our kitchen sink and it's been working really well.  But they've kind of outgrown it.  Last night I tried using the First Years tub, but they aren't yet big enough to sit on the toddler side, and they arch their backs and squirm too much to stay on the newborn inclined side.  Tina flopped so much that she ended up with her butt on the toddler side leaning back over the bump that separates it.  While I appreciate that she wants to play in the water, they aren't quite able to sit up on their own yet and are too little to be held in place by the contours of the tub so it gets dangerous.

I think for the next month or so, we'll be going old school.  One parent will strip down and get into the regular bathtub while the other parent hands babies back and forth.  Hopefully after a few more weeks pass, either they'll be firmly sitting up, or they'll be big enough to be held in place within the tub without needing to sit up.  The sink is just the easiest place to bathe them for so many reasons so I'd much rather use the blue tub in the sink for a few minutes of bath rather than getting all naked myself and having bath time be a half hour ordeal.

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  1. I am terrified of when they get teeth! More my little girl... She does this thing while nursing that I call "spaghetti"ing my nipple, which is supremely uncomfortable now without teeth - I fear the first time that causes injury to me (when she has sharp baby teeth) may be her last time nursing forever. She does it at every feeding multiple times in a row, it drives me crazy but at least there's no actual injury!


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