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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The day Mama made it better

Today something happened that I've been fantasizing about since it occurred to me that I might want to have a kid some day.  Today, I, the Mama, made it all better.

The girls were just destined to have a crappy day.  They were woken up about 2 hours early in order to go to the doctor and get all sorts of shots with various vaccines.  Over tired, teething, stuck with needles, and then the usual just kind of not feeling very well because new stuff was introduced to the body.

K needed a good nap because he's working the overnight shift tonight.  Charlotte was doing ok in her swing, so he took Tina to bed with him in hopes that snuggles would lead to a more solid nap for her.  And it did, 3 hours!  They only got up because it was time for dinner before K had to go to work!

During that time, Charlotte woke up screaming.  I changed her diaper, offered her a bottle, teething tablets, nothing was making her happy.  She just cried and cried.  After a while, K texted me asking if he needed to come in and help.  I didn't want him to wake up Tina and there really wasn't anything he could do anyway.

So I got Charlotte all snuggled in with me on the couch.  It took her a little time to calm down, but snuggles were what she wanted.  She sucked on her wubba and tucked herself between my arm and breast.  She just snuggled for a long time before eventually falling asleep.  We were on that couch for more than 2 hours just all snuggled.  After dinner, that's what she wanted to do to again and Tina was kind enough to take a long nap in her swing so we could.

I've been waiting so long to be able to do that.  Not that I would want one of my girls unhappy and need me to make it better, but to be able to just sit and snuggle with a baby who wants to snuggle with me, and not having to keep an eye and ear out for the moment when I'd have to get up from the snuggle to tend to the other baby.  Full fledged, non-interrupted cuddle time.

I'm the mama and I made it better.  There are no words to illustrate how long I've waited for this moment and what it means to me.


  1. It is so beautiful to see you flourishing as a mommy. Well done. It gets more and more awesome. My boys come to me to give a hug out of their own volition.

    Much love Beth

  2. Aw yay :) :) :)

    I think the snuggling at the end is the main reason I like tandem feeding (besides the time thing). As I type this I have two babies snuggling and sleeping on me and it is the absolute best.

  3. Ooh that is one of the hardest parts of having twins I think. I LOVE having twins, but I always have my snuggle time interrupted by non-snuggling twin needing something. It's SO nice when they let you have some singleton time :)


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