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Friday, June 22, 2012

What would have been 37 weeks

Belly photos, why not?

35 weeks

37 weeks

And here's a hint when taking pictures of babies - Try to have a bright room and avoid the flash if possible.  Brightening up the photo later is what Photoshop is for (when they hit high school and you have a few minutes to actually touch up photos).  We keep the house pretty dark because my eyes are extremely light sensitive so this is a bit of an issue for us.  However, it's still better to go too dark because, um, well here's the difference.

Without flash

With flash
Okey dokey.  Off to start a blog page where I dump random little tidbits and ideas that I'm figuring out as I go along.  Like how their cords came off today and it just doesn't seem right to allow a gooey belly button with a little bit of bleeding rub and stain what might be dirty clothing.  So we took my disposable nursing pad and stuck it inside the onesie so the soft part is kind of protecting the belly button, if it gets wet, that circle of skin should remain relatively dry, and no blood stains on the onesie that I'm borrowing from the very generous Moms Of Multiples Preemie Closet.


  1. Hi! I've been following your blog for awhile but have never commented. First of all, mega congrats on your beautiful girls! So happy for you!

    Second, I just have to say that your nursing-pad-over-the-belly-button idea is pure genius! I'm totally stealing it! Why didn't I think of that last time around? My little guy had a very messy belly button for awhile, and it was awful to have to scrub the stains out of every onesie. There are enough stains to scrub out of onesies! Who needs one more that's preventable? Will definitely be using this trick with my LO due in October. Thanks!

    Anita Jo

  2. I love the 35 and 37 week comparison photos ;)

    I use Camera + on my iPhone for photos and it's amazing for brightening shots! I'm considering tossing my old photos into the program to edit them and put them back on my computer. It cost about $2 and it is SO worth it.

  3. They are so stinking cute!

    Stacy (ecallaw1977)


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