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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

C-Section Recovery

Just a few notes about my experience recovering from the c-section / birth / pregnancy.

The first few hours are weird as you slowly gain control again.  Had this urge to flex and separate my toes but couldn't move them.  Very odd to know that your brain is sending all the right signals and nothing is happening.

All that pain in pregnancy associated with having no abdominal muscles - it's still in place for several days.  Rolling in bed, from lying down to sitting, from sitting to standing, if I was able to accomplish it at all, it usually hurt like hell.  Getting in and out of the hospital bed was an unpleasant feat.

The longest lingering pains I'm having - abdominal skin and my feet.  At first, I was interpreting the abdominal pain as the incision site burning, but I now think I was mistaken.  I think the skin is so raw from being stretched out that the whole area feels like my skin is burning.  And my damned feet!  The swelling is potentially even worse than my final pregnancy days!  Today seems to be the first day of only mild swelling.

It's a week and a half out, and I'm still waddling a little bit.  Just feeling generally stiff.  Occasionally getting some throbbing throughout my back.  Maybe it's because I'm on my feet a lot more now than I have been in the previous months.


  1. It sounds like you're actually doing really well! The surgery wasn't that long ago, so I'm glad things are progressing like they are. Here's hoping you're feeling lots better really soon!!!!

  2. Hi Alex!

    My feet were Terrible post C-Section too. It's pretty common. I completely LOST my ankles and it was so uncomfortable. Hang in there, elevate, drink H2O and it goes away on it's own. Maybe I was back to normal about 3 weeks later or something like that? The surgery or meds for surgery must have something to do with it because EVERY c-Section Mommy I know had this. It's okay - uncomfortable, but okay. =)

    Also - Tyler failed his newborn hearing test too. We had a left ear refer and then when we returned after discharge for "better" testing, we learned there was also an issue with the right ear. Please - you or K - feel free to email me direct if you get to a place you need to ask another parent questions beyond medical people you'll speak with. It can get overwhelming trying to understand what they tell you at such a rapid rate - especially when you are so overtired post delivery. Congrats to you all and I hope Charlotte makes it home today!!!


  3. I hope that swelling goes away soon and you feel better all around.

  4. Take it easy - don't try and do too much. I gave birth a week ago and only now are my feet resembling something human.

    The girls are looking great - you must be so proud. I look forward to reading about their progress.



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