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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Friday, June 1, 2012

34 weeks, and I think I'm almost done

Mostly pictures today because I'm really tired.  But here's the medical updates first -

Woke up feeling like I had some gas pain which to me signals contraction.  I already had an appointment for an NST and meeting with the OB in the afternoon so I didn't bother calling in to report or anything.

Got a call from my mother about an hour before my own appointment.  My dad was in the hospital due to a kidney stone.  So I went a bit early to visit with him before my appointment.  Honestly, I kind of felt like today might be the day, so I found it really funny that things were setting themselves up like a sitcom.  My dad trying to pass a kidney stone in one room, me delivering babies in another, and my mother running back and forth.  But no to both.  Great set-up, no payoff.

My NST confirmed that I am having contractions.  Seriously, I can't feel them.  That concerns me a little bit.  My mother says she didn't know she was in labor until it got pretty late in the process.  So here's hoping that if anything amps up, I'm able to feel it and get myself there in time to do a steroid shot and get prepped for the c-section.

Ok folks, here's the deal.  I think this is likely to go down on Monday or Tuesday.  They have me collecting urine for 24 hours this weekend, they've done all sorts of swabs to make sure I don't have any diseases that require antibiotics, and my blood pressure is a bit elevated along with some major foot swelling problems.  We're thinking that pre-eclampsia is sneaking up on me.  If my blood pressure is still elevated on Monday, we're going to take that as a yes and probably deliver the babies within a day or two.  And honestly, I don't even know if I'm going to make it to Monday without going into labor naturally.  I just have that hunch that this pregnancy is finishing up.

Oh, and a quick note to Bleeding Tulip - Ya know how I was all smug about my lack of hemroids and I gave you advice on how to avoid them?  I hereby revoke my smugness as my husband is at the store getting me some Tucks medicated wipes.

So that's the updates!  And now, belly pics and nursery pics.

10 weeks
34 weeks

Also 34 weeks
Swollen feet and a cat with a foot fetish


  1. Oh, my God, sweet pea, your poor feet!! I'm so excited for you and will be anxiously awaiting updates as I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Go, Mama, go!!

  2. Your poor feet! They look painful. The nursery is adorable! I will be refreshing my reader often for updates. I'm getting so excited! Praying everything goes smoothly.

    Oh and as soon as you said everything was setting up like a sitcom my mind went straight to Friends when Joey was passing a kidney stone while Pheobe is having the triplets.

  3. The nursery looks great. Good luck on the labor and delivery. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. The nursery is adorable, your feet are painful to look at and my prayers are with you. Hope your next post is as a proud mommy.

  5. Oh no! Your feet look so painful!!! :( I hope things come out well, and if you are at the end of your pregnancy I wish you some happy healthy girls arriving in your life very very soon!!

  6. You look fabulous... well, aside from your poor feet! I give you major props for carrying those twins, I can barely handle one. The nursery is perfect, I cant wait to see the lil guys!

  7. Hey it's nan from July board. I had my twins last Sunday. How u holding up? Any babies yet?R

  8. I'm so behind in my blog reading! Oh your poor feet, I just want to wrap them in ice or something!
    It really is too bad that the great kidney-stone/baby-birthing didn't pay off. It would have been an epic story. You should tell people that's how it happened anyway ;)
    And DRAT you, giving me false hope about avoiding hemorrhoids! I even have been very good to take extra fiber here recently... At the very least you did avoid them for the vast majority of your pregnancy so I'm still going to follow your example and do everything I can to avoid that. (Is it weird I'm more freaked out by the idea of hemorrhoids than the idea of delivering a baby through my vagina?)
    I am impatiently waiting for a blog post announcing a duo of bouncing babyness!

  9. Can't wait to hear your latest.. I am stalking this for baby news :-)
    -Saffiress from Babycenter

  10. Any updates, Sweetie? I'm still personally hoping those babes will bake a bit longer, but I'll bet you're so ready. Can't wait to hear're in my thoughts every day!


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