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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The devil you know....

I said before that I have an appointment to consult with a different clinic on July 6th.

Well, I have canceled that appointment.  I heard back from my OB and while he doesn't know anything about that clinic personally, his colleagues told him that they go out of their way to NOT refer patients there.  Hrmmmmmm.

So hearing that, and then relooking at what I see of that clinic myself, well, here's the run down -

  • He’s a one doctor practice in a medical field where schedules have to change on a dime.  What happens if he gets sick or becomes otherwise indisposed?
  • His fees are about 2/3 of all of the other clinics I’ve spoken to.
  • He advertises that he will perform services for those that others might turn away due to age, BMI, etc.
  • He offers gender selection.  An ethically questionable practice.

Add it all together and I’m seeing a man who is thriving on peoples desperation.
And I made a consultation appointment with another clinic in the area, but they can't even get me in the door until July 26th.  And even while on the phone with me, the woman was talking to other people.  It sounds like that place has a million clients and that makes me nervous.  I mean if my problem with my original clinic is that I'm starting to feel like cattle rather than a patient, will this new place be out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Not to mention they are more expensive.  And they have a hard BMI cut off point for egg retrievals so I would have to lose 15-20lbs before they would treat me anyway.

We've already prepaid at my current clinic for another IVF attempt plus a frozen round if that doesn't work.  And they are still debating what their BMI cut off will be so I might only have to lose 5lbs to get under the number with them.So can I forgive the doctor for making a joke about how not helping someone get pregnant is a great motivation for them to lose weight?  Can I forgive that they did not test my prolactin levels shortly before transfer as I feel they should have?  If I talk to the doctor about what has me hating him and his clinic right now, will he make an effort to make sure those same issues aren't repeated?

I'm totally lost as to how to move forward.  Either way, I'm probably looking at living on lettuce and the treadmill for a while.  And at never having that trust that I don't have to fight to advocate for my own care.

Ok guys, I need your thoughts on this.  Without currently having more information, should I just stick with the devil I know?  I mean, they did get me pregnant once already.  Or should I potentially jump into the fire, spend additional money, and try someone new who might have the same, if not worse problems?


  1. Fastest possible route to pregnancy is the best way to go.
    Step 1-
    Schedule consultation appointments EVERYWHERE you would be interested in staring new with.
    Step 2
    While waiting for these consultations and essentially going through the interview process of new clinics you continue on with your current facility-be the douche canoe that you need to be to get the care you want-WHILE you are finding a new place.
    I have one IVF cycle free of charge left at my current place-I am however waiting for my july 12 appointment at a new place to interview them, and if I don't like them, I'll continue with the current devil while I take a meeting with another clinic at the end of July. No matter what I'm still being treated-that is all that counts!

  2. I would go ahead and meet with the new possible doctor and try to get a feel for them. Then think things over and go from there.


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