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Monday, June 13, 2011

Closing in

Only 3 more days until we transfer embryos.

In the bank we have 1 grade four embryo and 2 grade threes.  We intend to thaw the 2 grade threes and as long as one of them looks good, we'll leave grade four in the bank so we can try for a second child a few years later.  So it's possible we'll only be transferring one embryo (depending on what survives the thaw).

K wanted to continue thawing until we had 2 strong embryos, even if it meant thawing all of them so we have our best shot at getting pregnant on this round.  But I disagreed.  This FET is a mediocre hand, a pair of sevens and I'd rather go all in on a full house.  If we fail this attempt, we can move on to a fresh round in September.  That will probably get us pregnant, AND it will bank some more young embryos for a second child when I'm about 40.  To me, that's our best chance of growing old with two children.  If I get pregnant on this round, it's quite possible that the one child is the only one we'll get.

After discussion, we've decided to go with my plan.  We only thaw the last embryo if the other two don't survive and we need that third one in order to implant anything. 

Of course, with K, sometimes it's hard to tell if he's actually come to agree with me, or if he's simply decided to let me have my way. 

I'm hoping the whole argument will be completely moot because the both the grade threes will thaw perfectly and be really strong.  In a truly perfect world, both embryos will take, we'll get a set of boy/girl twins and still have a roll of the dice in the bank if we decide to try for a third later.  But how often do things work out perfectly?

*TMI Time* 

We're done with the lupron, so I'm hoping to slowly climb back to a better mood.  But now I've got these vaginal pills that I have to take 3 times a day.  I don't like them!  It seems like the second one I take every day dissolves and it seems to gurgle right back out of me and I feel like I've wet my pants.  I can't figure out what the liquid is but it's thin like water so I'm wearing pads every day.  And if this works, I'll be taking those until my 10th week of pregnancy.  And at night, I have to include a 4th pill up the yin yang.  That one is blue and when it dissolves, well, when you're bleary eyed and doing your morning pee, it's a little startling to wipe blue.

Just a warning, if I have really really good news in 2 weeks, odds are I'm going to be more upset than happy about it.  It's probably not going to be "oh boy, I'm pregnant!" but rather "Oh boy, let's see if this sticks."  And that will likely last until I can feel movement every day.

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