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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday season self promotion

I try to keep this blog away from being all sorts of spammy, but it's that time of year when I'd like to see my Etsy or Artfire shop get a little more traffic.

I've spent the last year working on Christmas ornaments on the wheel and some new styles of pottery mugs.  If you're a fan of things unique, beautiful, and long lasting, please visit either my Etsy store, or my Artfire shop while looking for gifts this holiday season.

Here's a taste of my holiday goodies -

Translucent pottery Christmas ornament w metallic gold branches and flowers and white dove, artisan heirloom ornament, Christmas gift  Blue 12oz wheel thrown pottery coffee mugs in agateware style, swirled clay, white, unique mugs, rustic  Christmas ornaments - glazed pottery decor, red brown, natural - one of a kind artisan heirloom piece, ceramic seasonal Christmas present  Three ceramic Christmas ornaments in a yellow and purple glaze, with a delicate pink floral design.

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