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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Twin things I'm thankful for

I'm loving watching the interaction develop more and more every day.  The girls are almost 2 1/2 and they are really starting to develop a relationship with each other.  A few moments I want to capture -

- When we get them out of bed, we generally get one up, take off her sleep sack, take her into the living room for a diaper change, and then have her go play while we repeat the process.  In recent weeks, the one we get up first will immediately run back to the bedroom, burst open the door and run to the crib saying "Hiiiii" to the other one.  They know where their sister is and they want to be with her!

- K took the girls to the daycare at the grocery store the other day and when he returned, the ladies reported their behavior.  As we know, Teeny Tiny is the dominate and often steals from Middie Biddie.  She's getting better about this, she doesn't outright steal anymore, but rather she gets so interested in whatever MB is playing with that she investigates and often takes over and MB will give up her toy and move on to something else.  So it was reported to us that TT steals toys from MB, but if any other kid takes something from MB, TT gets really upset and mad!

- They understand the need to wait.  They know that dinner won't be served to the first one to get into her seat until the other is in her seat as well.  They don't have that self centric view of the world that everything is about what they want the moment they want it.  They just get it that there are delays and waiting is a part of life.

- TT makes sure MB has whatever she needs for an activity.  Whether it be a toothbrush or a teddy bear, she will make sure her sister has one.

- They finally figured out that they can play ball together and don't necessarily need me!  They still prefer that I play too, but now they can play with each other if I have other things to do.

- I'm thankful that one of the first thoughts the girls have chosen to express without prompting is "I'm tired".  Yes, TT will tell US when it's bedtime.  Awesome!

- I love hearing random giggles from another part of the room and discover the girls playing a new game together.

I'd like to hold on to this stage for a while.  This is good.  Very good.

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  1. I love having 2 year old twins too!!!!


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