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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Feeling overwhelmed

I'm cranky today.  No particular reason.  The girls aren't being difficult or anything.  I just woke up cranky and overwhelmed.

My house is a mess.  Every time I try to clean it up, I just get paralyzed because it's overwhelming.  About a third of the house has been gated off since the girls were born.  That's where crap goes when we don't know where else to put it.  The room of perpetual storage.  I've been trying to slowly empty it out and clean it up, but I swear the crap is more fertile than I am and it's multiplying.

I tried to get rid of a ton of baby stuff (as referenced in my loading up the van blog post last week) but the consignment store only allows you to have 25 items on consignment at any given time.  So K left the big stuff with them and my van still has bags of clothes and other odds and ends packed in it.  The last thing I want to do is bring it all back into the house so now I'm driving around in a portable storage bin.

The room of perpetual storage is overwhelmed by the huge boxes that our car seats came in, a cat tree that needs to be gone but is really heavy and difficult for me to move, and just other random crap.  Every day I think that I need to get those car seats installed so I can get rid of the boxes, but they are the brand that's on the big recall list and I haven't gotten around to checking to see if these particular seats were recalled.  I don't know how to check the manufacture date on them which is what will determine if they are recalled or not and every day, it's just not my top priority. They've been sitting there for a month now just waiting to be a priority.

The dinner table is covered in mugs from my shop (go buy some people, I want them out of the house!) that need to be packed up and stored, but I don't know where to store them, so they just sit there adding to the clutter.  I finally got some Christmas ornaments done but I need to do the photography so I can put them for sale in my shop, but the table is covered in other stuff that I need to find a place for, but I don't know where it goes....and round and round I go.

My bedroom floor is still torn apart with bits of carpet here and tarp there and nothing getting accomplished.  K says we'll tackle it on his day off on Monday, but we never found a day to tackle it during his vacation so my hopes are not high.

I've been trying.  Really I have.  I've made it a rule that I have to throw away one thing every day.  I figured that as time goes by, that will reduce the size of the mountain and make it a little more climbable.  Some garbage is gone, but now I'm hitting the point where I'm looking at things I actually have to make decisions about.  Like the bottles.  The girls haven't had a bottle in about a week now, but I'm still not ready to throw them away.  So what do I do with them?  Well apparently what I do is toss them into the room of perpetual storage and let them mock me every time I walk by.

I kind of want to tip the entire house into a giant garbage bin and then just pull out the few things I actually want to keep.  It's days like today that I wish I liked wine.

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  1. My husband cannot stand clutter. I like things neat but I'm ok with clutter. When people started giving us things for the baby and wow, there's a LOT for one little being!... my husband was ready to climb the walls. Lol. I told him, "Think of all the things you have for you... realize that this baby will require just about as much if not more." Up a wall, I tell you. Fortunately, my parents are thinking they will have more grandchildren from my brother and his wife soon (they are going through IVF) and they are storing things that our baby has grown out of to give to them. So, outgrown baby items gets used and stored elsewhere :)


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