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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mommy's Day Off

I've had a couple of "days off" this week with K home to watch the girls.  Oh those longed for days off.  Oh how I stupidly spent them.

The first day off was spent preparing for the rest of the week when I wouldn't have time off.  I swept the house.  I did laundry.  I worked on de-stinking the floor.  Yes, I'll be de-stinking the floor until the end of time.  I cut and cooked vegetables.

That doesn't sound all that dramatic, but the cutting and cooking of vegetables took forever.  Seriously.  I got a bag of frozen stir fry veggies from Costco so there would be some variety in what the girls get.  I spent about an hour and a half standing next to the stove cutting frozen vegetables into baby bites and tossing them into the steamer tray on top of boiling water.  I still can't believe how long it takes to cut those damned vegetables and how little I get for my efforts.  An hour and a half, my back was burning like hell, and I ended up with a 12oz mason jar full in the fridge and one ice cube tray full in the freezer.

But it's worth it.  For the next week or two, whenever I make scrambled eggs or pasta for the girls, I just spoon in some pre-cooked pre-cut veggies rather than cut and cook them at the time.

Then I had today off as well.  K let me sleep in because he's awesome.  It's been a while since I've been able to sleep in because with his back all fucked up, I've had to get the girls out of the crib and into their seats for breakfast.  I think his back is still such that I shouldn't be letting him pick them up, but ya know, life happens when you're injured and you just get on with it.

I spent the first portion of my day at a job interview.  It wasn't so much a job interview as my potential boss showing me the workspace and us just chatting about life and pottery for 45 minutes.  I have a really good feeling about this job.  It's the right number of hours, she's flexible about scheduling with a kid of her own (so she knows how that goes), and it's DOING POTTERY!!!  It's hand building which isn't my forte, I'm a wheel thrower, but it's not my forte because I simply haven't had much opportunity to do it.  While being trained on the clay stuff, I can still be useful unloading the kiln, glazing, all that other kind of grunt stuff.  She has another interview tomorrow and told me she'd let me know by Monday.  I really want this.  It's an identity away from the house without having to be gone so much that I feel like I'm not raising my own kids.  A little extra income would be mighty welcome too.

Yeah, I had a pottery job a while back, but that was kind of doomed from the start.  That was piece work which never works out, and it as so far away that it was an all day commitment just to deliver stuff.  This is pretty close by, actually very close to my parents (if I need last minute babysitters) and it's hourly.  This seems to fit in a lot of ways.  A few nice people to get to know (small, no office politics!), jeans and tshirts, doing something I love, and a flexible schedule so we don't have to spend more in daycare than I'd be earning.

So anyway, after my interview, I went home for a half hour to kiss everybody and then back out the door for a dentist appointment.  My number one annoyance was dealt with, but my number two annoyance is still bugging me and will require another appointment.  A couple of hours in the dentist chair.  No fun at all.

Then back home for another half hour and round of kisses then back out to do a video job.  I got there early so I stopped at a nearby Starbucks to kill some time and when I went to go to the job, the car wouldn't go into gear.  After messing with that for several minutes, I called the job to let him know I might be late and he says he's having a really crappy day and would just as soon reschedule anyway.  Ok, fine.  Of course once I got off the phone with him and located my Triple A card, the car went into gear and all was well.  Ain't that always the way?  So I got some groceries and went home instead of doing the job.  So now I have to reschedule the job and go back out another day which sucks.

Yup, relaxing days off eh?  At least I showered.

For no reason at all, here's a picture of (clothed) baby butts and pictures of the most patient cat in the world watching over her babies (from my desk).


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  1. Ohhh, a pottery job, how awesome! I hope that works out and that your car doesn't give you any more troubles. Cute pictures!


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