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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Separation Anxiety has begun

The girls are now getting upset when they can't see me.  It's both flattering, and exhausting.

I actually attempted to cook a decent dinner last night (K normally does the cooking) and I spent the whole time running back and forth from the kitchen to the playroom because every time I went out of sight, I could hear the stressed out little noises.

Middie Biddie is having a stronger reaction than Teeny Tiny so far.  She required extra couch time with mommy yesterday.  I think we moved the girls into my office just in time.  She'll be playing, then she randomly gets upset and generally if I just turn and give her a funny face she starts giggling and all is well again.  She just wants to make sure I'm paying attention.  We had some problems going to bed last night though.  K came home about 10 minutes after I put them down and we thought they were fading out so he didn't want to disturb them.  But about 15 minutes later, MB started getting stressed out so he went in to rock with her for a little bit.  She was fine when he put her back in the crib, but as soon as he stepped out of sight, she started pitching a fit again.  Fortunately it was a short one and she fell asleep relatively quickly.

Teeny Tiny is still doing ok playing on her own for the most part.  I have to be out of sight for a little while for her to get upset.  She treats having my attention as a bonus that makes her especially happy rather than a necessity to maintain a decent status quo.  But she's holding on a little tighter when I hold her (is this baby hugs?) and kind of reaches up for me to pick her up when I walk near.

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