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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

9 month update

We had our nine month doctors appointment a couple of weeks late because we did a quick check up at eight months.

Anyway, the stats!

Middie Biddie - 17lbs, in the 25th percentile.
Itty Bitty - 16lbs, in the 5-10th percentile.

They're both on the charts!  Woot!  Doctor says everything is great, they are growing really well and we should keep doing what we're doing.

In terms of milestones, they're still more in line with their gestational age than their actual age.  You know what?  I'm totally cool with that.  I love the stage that we're at right now.  They sit up and play independently, just checking in every so often with me sitting nearby to make sure I'm paying attention.  But if I have to leave for a minute, they are pretty much where I left them when I get back.  I can get down on the floor and play with a monkey (monkey give you kisses!!!!) and they just laugh and laugh.

Generally I sit them up in the playroom and put a pile of toys in between them.  Then I put some fluffy blankets behind them so if they fall backwards, their heads aren't bouncing off the floor.  More often than not, within 2 minutes, all the toys are tossed behind Itty Bitty.  Yup, she's a hog.  But Middie is so laid back, she really doesn't care that much unless her wubba gets stolen.

Itty Bitty is still threatening to crawl but it's not happening.  She can pivot around on her tummy and over the course of a play period she will have managed to scooch around a small area, but she doesn't move with a specific desired destination.  She has learned now to click her tongue.  I heard her doing it so I did it too, and now we're having full on clicking conversations.  If I click, she'll stop what she's doing to look at me and click back.

Middie Biddie has kind of said "screw it" to the attempting to crawl and the sitting up thing.  Lately she's been just wanting to lie down and play with her feet.  But I think she's just cranky this week because she's got more teeth coming in.  In her crankiness, she's wanting to be held a great deal of the time so I'm holding her on my lap in front of my computer a lot.  The Ergo has reappeared as daily equipment.  I sit her in it facing front and let her bonk a few toys on my desk.  She's also currently fascinated with mirrors.  She is babbling "mama" a lot (without meaning) so I'm responding when she does to try to get her to understand the association of that sound meaning me.

We're working on learning some sign language and I'm trying to use it with the girls more.  I suspect "kitty" will be the first word they figure out because it's the one that I'm most consistently using.  Yeah, I use other words a lot, but I'm not sure that I'm able to use those words in association to what they're thinking.  But when the cat walks by, they look at it all fascinated, then look at me and I say and do the sign for "kitty" and then pet the cat.  So that's probably going to be the first word that really clicks with meaning.

Today we got a twin table.  It's so much easier to clean than a standard high chair.  And good timing too.  The day after I ordered it, one of our barstools broke.


What's going on with me -

I'm down to 2 pumps per day.  Next week we'll return the power pump to the hospital and I'll go down to one pump per day using the pump my cousin gave me.  At that point I'll just be pumping for comfort, not for providing.  We have enough in the freezer to make it on a half breastmilk / half formula diet until their first birthday.

My ankle is friggin killing me.  I was doing physical therapy and I bought some new shoes with more structure and some fancy schmancy insoles.  While those things helped with the general soreness, as the soreness went away, all the pain just focused in on one spot that I can't seem to do anything about.  Ice doesn't fix it, strengthening the muscles around it doesn't fix it, it just feels like a pebble constantly pressing on one spot.

I finally got an answer to that yesterday.  After all this time of being told to exercise and ice it, I went to a podiatrist who looked at my xray and found that an extra little bone had formed on the ligament!  Said that these random little bones often form and sometimes you can have dozens and not even notice and sometimes one hurts like hell.  So that's why it feels like a pebble is constantly pressing there, because there essentially is!  He said things about slicing my ankle open and removing it, but I need to get a real super duper scan to ensure that the pain is coming from where they think it's coming from (there are some other anomalies very close by that could also be the culprit) before we do anything about it.  They don't want to remove one thing only to find that the pain was caused by the thing next to it.

So yay diagnosis, boo not being about to do a damned thing to ease the pain right now.

K just got cast in a play so next month he'll be gone most evenings.  Now is a good time for it.  The girls are regularly going to sleep about 7pm and doing so relatively easily.  His rehearsal time won't really interfere with their awake time since he often gets home shortly after they go to bed anyway.  Who knows if that will still be the case 3 months from now.  It's also a short rehearsal time (only a month) which is no big deal.  It's a great show (Noises Off, he's playing Freddie).  Good show, good rehearsal schedule, good timing in terms of baby stress, so he's going to have a good time with that without stressing me out too much.

All in all, life is pretty good right now!  I'm just enjoying it while I can.

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