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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Generic blog post

One is better at calmly snuggling than the other
No real significant stuff to write about at the moment.  So I'll just write a few random bits.

Breastfeeding status - starting yesterday, I've dropped down to 2 pumps per day.  My body has figured out pretty quickly that I'm weaning so my supply is appropriately tanking.  We'll be digging into the freezer stash pretty soon.  I've calculated that we have enough to give each girl 6oz of breast milk a day from the freezer until their first birthday.  If I keep producing some, keep supplementing some, and then start using the freezer stash, I'd say that their first year will end up being about 95% breast milk and about 5% formula.

The girls eating habits - Middie Biddie has been difficult with her milk.  For the most part, she just doesn't want it.  I'm still fighting to get at least a couple of ounces in her at every feeding, but her overall intake has dropped significantly.  Then she'll eat foods until she pukes. I'm really trying to figure out the balance between letting her eat until she's full while not allowing her to eat so much that she makes herself sick.  Teeny Tiny is still taking milk like a champ.  We're starting to give them more finger foods like scrambled eggs.  They both seem to really like scrambled eggs so I'll be making those for my breakfast with extra for them a lot more often.

Our eating habits - week 1 of operation "plan ahead" is going well.  We've eaten decent dinners for the last couple of days, on K's day off he made a lasagna for us to eat on a night that he's working too late to cook.  We're trying to incorporate sides that can easily be made into baby food like mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli so the girls are eating some of our leftovers during the following day.  We took a small portion of our pork from last night and shredded it so tonight the girls will dine on mashed potatoes with some gravy and I'll give them shredded pork to play with on their trays.  We're trying to introduce sippy cups, both regular and straw type.  No luck so far.

Sleeping habits - I'm not sure what the heck is going on here.  Teeny Tiny wants to be awake all day long but goes to sleep really well at night.  Once she finally falls asleep for a nap, she's down for a while.  Middie Biddie is falling asleep really easily for naps, but is having trouble falling asleep at night.  A lot of times, Middie Biddie is waking up shortly after Teeny Tiny falls asleep.  They are currently both fighting off a nap and I'm thinking I'm going to give up on this nap and just get them up for dinner soon.  Unfortunately, their sleep needs seem to be completely out of sync at the moment but I'm not quite ready to give up syncing them completely.  Ok, I give up, I'm going to get them up and finish this blog post in an hour or two.

Didja miss me?  It seems like whenever we do anything out of the ordinary, it's almost impossible to get them back on a nap schedule for the rest of the day.  Today we went to Starbucks and I got them home in time for their nap, but they were having none of it.  I guess sitting in a different place for a while got them riled up or something.

Bath time - now that they are sitting up really well, K wants to move to the big bath tub.  I'm still rocking the baby tub over the sink method.  K got an inflatable baby tub, but I don't like it.  First, only one fits in there at a time, and second, it's has no means of allowing new water so they end up sitting in a bucket full of soapy, icky water.  But I don't want them just in the big tub because they do sometimes throw themselves backwards, and I don't want baby heads bouncing off of porcelain   So, we tried something a little different - a big laundry basket!  Lets water flow through, if they fall back they hit their heads on soft plastic, and it keeps toys from floating out of reach.

Communication - Middie Biddie has started saying "mama" but I don't think it has any meaning for her yet.  She's just experimenting with the M sound.  Teeny Tiny has learned to click her tongue and will do it in response to me if I do it first.  We've been having some fun tongue clicking conversations.

Mobility - Middie Biddie now inches straight backwards.  Teeny Tiny scootches around but doesn't really get anywhere.  Still getting up on her knees and rocking from time to time.

Equipment - finally got a stroller that I think I'll be happy with for a while.  The Maclaren Twin Techno.  It fits in the trunk of my small car (though with some difficulty) and it fits both girls pretty well.  It's a lot easier to get around in public with this than with a stroller that seats the girls one in front of the other.

So, that's what's going on around here.  Nothing much, just living life!


  1. genius idea of the laundry basket in the tub!!! Wish I would have thought that when my two were that little :)

  2. I love the laundry basket idea.

  3. Lovely photos. My d does the same 'throwing herself around with wild abandon' thing that Teeny seems to be doing. I may need to steal your laundry basket idea, as our baby bath chair is too small now.
    Good choice btw on the stroller - I had the exact same one for my boys and it lasted years (despite the severe punishment it took).



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