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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New food experiences, mixed results

I gave the girls peaches in a mesh feeder today.  One eating method was far more successful than the other.

 But they eventually got on the same page.

Next, we tried a breakfast with a little bit of texture.  I had a pouch of black bean, quinoa, banana mixture and we gave it a go.  Teeny Tiny kind of gave me a face but seemed to think it was ok.  Middie Biddie gave me gag face.  I've seen gag face before and it's usually just because it's something new and they end up liking it by bite number three.

Well, gag face continued and a few bites later, gag face turned into full on puke.  Yup, entire stomach contents flowing out of my baby and filling up her tray with milky, peachy, black bean goo.  Miraculously, she managed to keep 95% of it off of her and only nailed the bib and tray which makes for a relatively easy clean up.  Also miraculously, she didn't seem all that upset by the vomiting.

I mixed up some plain oatmeal and pears because I knew she likes that and it would be easy on her tummy.  Risky maneuver  feeding a child directly after puking, but I didn't want her to be hungry (seriously, I don't think a drop of her bottle or anything was left in her tummy) and she was still enthusiastic about eating once she realized I wasn't trying to give her the black bean stuff anymore.  Teeny Tiny had no issue with the black bean stuff so I continued to give that to her while Middie Biddie got the pears.  I tried one more bite of black bean on MB to see if it was a fluke, like maybe a textured piece hit the back of her throat wrong making her gag, but she really didn't like the taste.


  1. Have you tried any other types of finger foods on the girls yet? We've only done the rusks, cherrios and a small bit of banana (that was promptly mashed into her hair). I feel like I should be offering more foods but I'm nervous about choking.

    Btw - how clean are their trays? I'm obviously a slovenly mother, who forgets to wipe down and then has to chip the crud off with a knife.


    1. We've tried a variety of foods, but they've all been pureed. This was the first attempt to give them something still whole.

      The trays are, um, meh. I generally wipe them down with a baby wipe after a meal (usually the wipe I've already used to clean hands and faces) but I don't really worry if there's some left behind. When they get obviously yucky, I'll take them to the sink and wash them properly.


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