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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're getting close now

We passed the 32 week mark yesterday and it's looking like I have about 2 weeks left.

I knew things were changing.  This week I've experienced massive nesting, the cats are all over me, and I had a massive meltdown over the frustrations of fixing a cat door.  I've also noticed that when I try to turn over in bed, the pain has moved from muscles in my abdomen to being throughout my pelvis and crotch.  Like the bones are trying to spread and when I roll to turn over, they aren't happy.  And my stupid right foot is in a perpetual state of swollen, now the question is just to what degree it's swollen at any given moment.

Had a doctors appointment today.  Did my first NST, but not really because Baby A would not cooperate.  I didn't have to press any buttons or anything because she spent the whole time trying to get the monitor to pick up Baby A properly but she's just too buried in there.  During all that fiddling, she got Baby B just fine.

We finally gave up on Baby A and decided to get the info via an ultrasound since I was scheduled for one anyway.  Once again, she was not cooperating.  The two of them are just twisted around each other to a degree that the technician was having a hell of a time figuring out which belly went with which head, etc etc.  And she had decided it was nap time so we had to do juice and massive shaking to wake her up to see if she would move and practice breathing properly.  It took some time, but eventually she did.

As far as we can tell, they are still measuring small.  Not dangerously small, but small.  Baby A is about 3lbs8oz and Baby B is about 3lbs15oz.  Again, they had a hell of a time measuring so these measurements could be way off.

But my cervix has shortened from 2.5 to 1.4 in the last 2 weeks.  And the funneling has increased.  So all of those little behavior clues I've been experiencing the last week indicating that labor is coming?  Not imaginary.  We are now looking at delivering around 34 weeks.  2 weeks from now!

If that's the case, we're probably looking at a 3-4 week NICU stay.  I had been fearing the NICU mostly because I picture breathing tubes and a billion things that can go south, but at this stage the doctor is saying that the primary issue will simply be about getting the girls weight up via a feeding tube since they will be too young to have learned how to suck properly.  Of all the potential scary stuff, that's one I think I can handle.  And ya know, as much as I don't want my kids in the NICU at all, there could be a benefit.  I'll get time to recover my c-section and I'll get a lot more transition time from pregnant to parent to really learn what the hell I'm doing before taking the girls home.  By the time I become the primary caregiver, my body should be pretty well healed and I might have a chance at getting a few nights of real sleep during the recovery.

It looks like I might get one normal pregnancy experience though.  I might actually get the "Honey, I think it's time." moment.

So, how about some 32 week belly pics?

10 weeks
32 weeks


  1. There you are! Thanks for the update. Wow, scary that your cervix is shortening so much. Are they thinking they'll take the girls at 34 weeks, or just hoping you make it that long? Fingers crossed they stay in and cook as long as possible! Good attitude about the potential for NICU stay. :)

    Nice belly, too, by the way! You're looking great, Mama!

  2. You look SO happy and I love it!! Getting so close now!! I can't wait for this birth announcement!

  3. You look amazing and so joyful. I love it!!! Keep updating please, I really look forward to it.

  4. You are definitely getting there!! And the good news is, they gain like 1/2lb per week at this point. My girls were born at 33 weeks, were just a smidge over 4lbs and were strictly nicu "feeders and growers" (the best kind of nicu baby to be). I'm hoping for every extra possible day yours can stay baking but either way you'll likely be in pretty good shape from here on out, whenever they decide to come! Best of luck in the next few weeks!

  5. Good luck Alex. I hope all goes well.

  6. Alex you look great! Can I just say it's a tad funny the cardigan is now basically a shrug, just covering yer boobies? I can't remember if you're planning to breastfeed, but I would say from that growth alone you should be "all systems go!" ;)
    I'm sure you're all sorts of uncomfortable but I hope the girls stay in as long as possible to gain all the weight they can! It sounds like you're in a very good head-space about the NICU stuff though, I can't wait for our tea time on Wednesday!

  7. This is great! Are they going to give you steroids to build up their lungs, since they are small and will be borm early?

  8. You look SO happy!!! I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see some pictures of your little miracles!!!

  9. Ahh! I love that picture of you in the blue dress! So happy and excited!!! Good luck over the next 2 weeks, and if we don't hear much from you until then I hope you have two big healthy babies :D :D

  10. You look beautiful - I love that dress! Best of luck with everything over the next few weeks!

  11. You look so happy and ready! Congratulations!!

  12. WOW so close! Even closer since I am a week behind! I love that dress on you and I love how happy you are! Hoping and praying everything goes smoothly and can't wait to meet them!


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