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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The shopping spree of all shopping sprees

One of the other gifts I got from my shower, some money.  My parents gave us some money with the strings attached that it is only to be used for baby stuff.  No paying bills with it, no paying down the credit card debt, no other "responsible" things, it's all for the stuff that we want for the babies.

Honestly, without those strings, I would have spent some of it on baby stuff, and put a portion of it towards some of the debts we've accumulated in making these babies happen.  So being told I'm not allowed to do that, damn, I'm like a kid in the candy store!  Here's the view of my front door when I went to feed the cat this afternoon.  I'm expecting tomorrow and Monday to be far more obnoxious actually.

Amazon has landed!
We've gone from not buying anything because hand me downs kept trickling in and we didn't really believe we would REALLY have a use for baby stuff one day, to "holy shit!  I'm 31 weeks and a whole lot of those moms at the Moms of Multiples club gave birth somewhere in week 32.  We need to get moving!"

By the way, when I say we've been getting hand me downs, I'm not talking about an object here and there.  I'm talking TONS.  We have 2 pack and plays.  One huge and one more bassinet size.  While all the clothes we've received have been divided into sizes (newborn - 3months, etc through the first year, and then 12 months+), I can show you what just the 12m+ collection looks like.  Put the other boxes of clothing together that are separated in their 3 month sizes, and we'd have about double this.

That's the jumbo size vacuum bag designed to store several pillows at once.

Buuuuuuut, we didn't get a lot of newborn sized clothing so I do get to shop for that a bit.  And yes, I've purchased some cute pink things, on purpose!  Who have I become???

I started all of my shopping at the local kids consignment shop.  Got a moby, a great diaper bag, one of those belts for compressing your torso after birth, and pretty much cleared them out of nice newborn and premie sized onesies.

Between shower gifts and hand me downs, we pretty much have the bathing thing ready to go.  The white thing hanging above the tub folds to make a tub for the sink.  We'll probably be using that at first for sponge baths, and then the blue double tub when they can sit up a bit on their own.  It fits over the tub so K or I can  sit under it and tend to the babies while getting clean ourselves.  You can't see it in the picture, but I've got a hose thingy that goes from the tub spout and turns it into a handheld shower.  On the railing above the dirty laundry bin, you're seeing the collection of hoodie towels we've received.

Once I cleared out the consignment shop of stuff we needed, I hit Amazon and Babies R Us online and went to town.  I don't like shopping in stores, but I can sure shop online!  And I signed up for Amazon Prime so I get free shipping from there.  It has totally paid for itself!

So I'm expecting a crib, all sorts of sheets, car seats, etc etc etc to be showing up over the next couple of days.  Even pacifiers, teething toys, some cheap packages of bulk onesies, summer hats to keep their faces shaded, night caps to keep their heads warm, a baby grooming kit.....the list of what I bought is way too long!  I don't think I've ever hit "complete purchase" on such a large amount before, ever.  And there was some major hesitation to do it, but I did it!

Oh, and here's what I think most of the dads out there will relate to.

I'm pretty sure these pictures depict K's life over the next couple of weeks.

On a slightly different topic, I think I made my mothers day yesterday.  I turned some suede shower curtains into curtains for the nursery and I had to call my mom to trouble shoot a small issue with my sewing machine.  This is the woman who nearly cried with despair when I asked for a cordless drill for carpentry class in college for Christmas and here I am calling her for advice on the one activity she enjoys most.  Usually she's calling me with questions like this about computers!  I'll show you pictures once the valance arrives because without the valance, the top of the window treatment is ugly.

A few other random places we'll be spending my parents generous baby money gift - I stocked up the household first aid kit with some child friendly products, we'll be taking an infant safety/cpr class at the end of the month, we'll have the handyman fix the hole in our deck and replace the fencing around it for when the kids become mobile, and we might have the window in the nursery replaced because it's a bit drafty.  Oh, and an electrician to install lighting in the nursery.  Right now, the light switch goes to an outlet so you have to plug a lamp into the outlet.  That's just one more cord for kids to pull on when they start to move so I don't like it.

The last major purchase to make, one or two dressers.  I got some wall pockets and a closet organizer so I can start putting a few things away, but right now we have all these clothes and nowhere to put them.

Yup, from nothing to bursting through the rafters in a matter of days.  That's how we roll!


  1. Second hand things and hand-me-downs are 100% the way to go! I'm already plotting how we can shop Craigslist in surrounding big cities and transport big things like cribs and dressers home.

    Unrelated to babies: Your orange cat is delightfully fluffy! Is he/she prepared for the invasion of two additional mouths? :)

  2. I love hand me downs and thrift/consignment shops! They are so great! WOW you have a lot of stuff!

  3. You should check out "Moms of Multiples Resale", "U.S. Twins, Triplets & Quads Resale" and "Triplet Recycling" on FB. Excellent way to get used stuff cheap!

  4. Your kitty is too cute and looks as if she's pregnant with multiples too!


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