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Friday, December 19, 2014

Pictures to remember

Just depositing a few things here that I want to remember about recent weeks.

We set up the Christmas tree.  The girls weren't at all interested in the tree but enjoyed the garlands.  They played balance beam, pull the sister, and sparkly necklace with them.


Snuggles with Daddy.


Climb Mount Mommy!


We attempted Christmas portraits again this year.  It did not go smoothly.  We should have had Benny Hill music running the whole time.  Middie Biddie just totally wasn't into the whole picture thing so we have several of Teeny Tiny that are actually really cute, but very few where Middie Biddie is presentable.  A sampling of the cute, some because of smiles and some because of humor (credit and thanks as always to my wonderful photographer friend Sarah at Triskele Photo) -

 IMG_8737   IMG_8918  IMG_8660   IMG_8715

Finally got Middie Biddie to smile, but also got her awkward and flashing
 IMG_8731  IMG_8729

A couple of family shots where we almost kinda had everyone smiling and looking comfortable.



Screw it, we're not meant for formal portraits.  The winning family portrait of 2014 is......


Happy Holidays everyone!

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