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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Well that's handy

Did a little test of Middie Biddies receptive language today.  I gave her two water cups and told her to give one to her sister, and she did!!!  She walked to the other side of the room, gave a cup to her sister, and came back!  My kids are old enough to understand and accomplish tasks!  I'll try to use this new found power for good instead of evil.

Language skills are doing a leap right now.  As usual, Middie Biddie kind of creeps along on her skill set while Teeny Tiny takes sudden jumps.  They are still approaching language as they have been all along, Middie Biddie with a blanket approach and Teeny Tiny learning individual words.  Right now, it seems like Teeny Tiny is farther along because she's able to communicate several desires using a word or two.  

However, Middie Biddie does verbal approximations of entire songs and books.  She will often sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star all the way through and most of the words sound correct (still inching closer to the right words).  So Teeny Tiny can ask for a brush or to go round and round (spinning on Daddy's chair), Middie Biddie doesn't feel the need to tell us she wants these things, she just shows us and then goes and sings a whole song.  Fortunately, she's not tone deaf like her father and can actually carry a tune.  She also seems further along on her receptive language in that she'll carry out a more complex set of instructions than Teeny Tiny.  

But of course, she has to ask for the one thing she will use her words for in the most potentially embarrassing way possible.  When K and I would do baths, one of us would get the bath ready and then call out "I need a naked baby!"  Then the other of us would strip one down and send her in.  We found that yelling out "Nay-Kid-BayyyyyBayyyy!" was kind of fun to do so we would do it to entertain the girls whenever we stripped them down.  Guess how Middie Biddie let's us know that she would enjoy taking a bath at this time.  That's right, she starts yelling "NAKED BABY!!!!" over and over again getting really excited as she does it.  The girls have had a lot of extra baths because MB will shout naked baby, run to the gate, Teeny Tiny gets excited thinking the bath is ready and she's going to get to play, and then I have to climb over the gate to run the bath while they both cry because I went into the naked baby room without them.

So if you ever come over to my house and a child starts getting all hyper while shouting naked baby, no, nothing creepy has been going on, she just wants to sit in some water and pour a pitcher of it over her head.


  1. Cute. I'll have to remember that one about the naked baby.

  2. Just found your blog through I have a blog about being a first time mom to twins too - except mine are boys! Now I'm going to spend the next hour perusing your posts! lol


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