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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Twin tip - bright matching coats

I'm not a big fan of matchy matchy twins.  When I can, I prefer to buy the same thing in different colors so that are different, but equal.  But when I bought some lightweight hoodies for the girls, they only had one color in the proper size.  I'm not a fan of neon either, but that's what they had, so that's what the girls got.

I've discovered that these really were the best option available.  When I take the girls out to play somewhere, I can see them amongst the crowd.  Today, I took the girls to the play area in the mall and after a while I heard this conversation going on amongst some of the parents behind me:

"That little girl sure is all over the place.  I keep seeing her.....wait, oh....wait!  There's TWO of them!  Oh no wonder!  Are they...twins??"  So I confirmed that yes, they are twins.

But here's where it gets good.  For some reason, people think they are so clever that they have identified a pair of twins.  Suddenly, just about every parent in the place was keeping an eye on my kids for me!  With the various play structures, it was impossible to see every nook and cranny of the place, so whenever I got that "mom scanning in the room in search of her child" look on my face, someone immediately pointed out where my missing kid was.  I was able to say to a group of moms sitting at a slightly different angle "I can't see the exit from here, will you let me know if one of these pink coats runs for it?" and they all nodded and cast an eye on that exit for me.

It really is one of the benefits of being the different one in the crowd, everyone is curious about you so they generally have an eye on you.  As a family of twins, everyone kind of looks to see what's going on.  With two toddlers going through the learning curve necessary to remain within boundaries and within sight, this is an awesome thing.

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