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Sunday, March 23, 2014

And I'm brought back down to earth

Showing off plastic bowl fashion
about a half hour before the carnage
Yeah, yesterdays post was a bit on the flying high side.  Middie Biddie decided that was enough of that and this evening barfed about a gallon of crap all over me.

It started with a small puke in the middle of the playroom that K dutifully cleaned up.  About a half hour later, I had her on my lap facing me when the floodgates opened and spewed forth.  And then spewed forth again.  And again for good measure.
K came and grabbed her off of me, and I grabbed the bottom of my shirt to hold as much of it as I could and toddled off to dump it into the toilet.  Then I just took the shirt off all together and threw it into the toilet as well to rinse off as much as I could, then I toddled off to the bathroom with the working shower to take off my jeans and rinse those off.  Then I even had to toss my underwear into the laundry because the vomit had soaked through my jeans and through my underwear.  I did a quick rinse of myself in the shower as best I could then threw a nightgown over my head so I could go back into the living room to help K.

Apparently while I was in the bathroom, she had barfed some more, Teeny Tiny had stepped in it and slipped a little bit, and now Teeny Tiny was going nuts.

Once Middie Biddie got it out of her system, she was actually perfectly fine.  Got her to do some giggling.  But Teeny Tiny was inconsolable!  She panicked, cried, and basically went ballistic for about 30 minutes!  Twin thing I guess?  I don't know.  Apparently she's just really empathetic.  She got upset when Elmo fell off his stilts too.  She sees someone else do something painful or scary and she reacts like it happened to her.

After the girls went to bed, we had to do some major cleanup.  My office chair got some of it and it's fabric.  Even though I've pulled out the carpet cleaner and steam cleaned it with the attachment thing, it still smells like vomit.  It's seen better days already so I might be shopping for a new chair.  We also had to steam clean the wood floor and of course do a dramatic load of laundry.

In unrelated news, I've done something to my thumb.  It's swollen and hurts, and makes it difficult to pick up the girls.  I've been icing it, but it really hurts!  Can hardly hold a cup.

Yesterday was a better day than today.

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  1. I don't know if you're coffee drinkers, but coffee grounds kill the puke smell! Sprinkle them on, leave it for a while, and then vacuum it off. We use this trick in the ER where I work, often.


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