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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What we've been up to

It's been a while since I've had a blog post.  A couple of reasons for that.

First, you remember my New Year's resolution of putting myself out there?  To put myself in the path of opportunity and to not decide for other people that I'm not right for something?  Ok, well an opportunity came up to go balls to the wall with that promise to myself and I'm proud to say that I did it.  I can't really talk about it yet though.  Give it a few more days so I can be certain the adventure is over, and then I'll spill the story.

Second, the girls have hit a stage where keeping them content and happy is a bit of a challenge.  We're just kind of getting through each day and at the end of it, I don't remember a whole lot worth writing about.  But I'll give a few odds and ends of what I remember from the past couple of weeks.

Teeny Tiny hasn't been feeling well.  I'm not sure what's up with that.  In the last week, I've seen two temperature spikes that resolved themselves within a couple of hours of being detected.  She's been refusing to eat (mostly) so I've been struggling with that.  She'll drink her milk, but for a few days she was getting really upset whenever meal time came around and refused everything we offered her.  For a day there, her poop reverted back to the liquidy yellow baby poop of an all milk diet.

I was ok with a food strike for a couple of days, but once her poo went back to baby poo, I got a little more aggressive about trying to get some nutrition into her.  We've started giving her some protein smoothies and pediasure and keeping her snack tray filled with a variety of things she can pick at throughout the day.  We also reverted back to baby food pouches since she seems happy to suck those down.  It's a hard balance trying to make sure she'll eat SOMETHING without teaching her that if she refuses her meats and veggies she'll get a fruit or yogurt smoothie instead.  I'm trying to let some time pass between the refused meal and a desired replacement to counteract that.

She's starting to eat a few bites of meals here and there so I think the worst is over.  But she hasn't been her bubbly self, waking up crying at night, and those short fevers have me a little perplexed.  The best explanation I can come up with is perhaps her 2 year molars are coming in and taking their sweet time doing so.

Middie Biddie is enjoying life for the most part.  She's starting to get frustrated because I think she understands the purpose of language for communicating but she still isn't really able to participate.  She can parrot back almost anything I say, but coming up with a word to express her desires isn't happening as much as she'd like.

What she isn't enjoying is car rides.  It's confirmed, any significant car ride and she's going to barf.  The family had an adventure appointment a couple of days ago and we prepped for it by giving her flat ginger ale and crumbled up gingersnaps (both made with real ginger) during the hour before we left, but she still barfed along the way.  It seems she's simply too young for all the potential solutions for carsickness.  I'm not going to front face her car seat until they are old enough to complain about rear facing and all of the medications are forbidden until after age 2.  Fortunately she recovers quickly once we reach a destination, but the clean up is a royal pain.  My world is simply going to be very small until we can figure this out.

Ok, cute things!

Teeny Tiny has Einstein hair.  No matter what I try to do with it, it reverts back to an Einstein 'do within minutes.  It can not decide which direction it wants to go so it's going EVERY direction.  Here's a gif of her new favorite thing, blowing kisses, which also shows her brilliant 'do.

Cuteness from yesterday, Teeny Tiny was kind of moping around and just wanted to play with the leaping frog puppies.  So she gathered them both up, waddled over to Middie Biddie, dropped one at her feet, and waddled off with Middie Biddie following, now with her own puppy.  I think it's starting to click with them that the other is actually a whole other person they can play with.

The only smiling picture I got
Here in the Seattle area, we're not getting the horrible snow like on the East coast, but we did have one day!  I got them proper snow pants a while back and we decided to check it out again.  The neighbors who have a grass yard (we don't yet) are nice enough to let us trespass and after a few minutes, all the ladies from the neighborhood came out to watch the girls.  They weren't really all that thrilled about the whole thing, but at least we got outside for a little bit.

So that's about it around here.  An adventure that I'll tell you about later, a girl who's not feeling so great, one who can repeat anything I say but seems frustrated that she can't figure out a word to communicate when she wants to, a car barfer, and just getting through the days as best we can with some cuteness here and some crying there.
The rest look like this

And now just another picture or two because there's a lot of Teeny Tiny and not a lot of Middie Biddie and we can't have that.

She's figured out that the green light on
the camera is actually the Eye of Mom
so she's starting to direct her nightly
performances to it.

Like a ninja!


  1. I would go forward facing. My twins are 19 months and switched few weeks ago, even people I know that said they were so against it already switched too. I get motion sick myself and can't ride backwards at all, like that once every 10 year limo ride for whatever, can't do backwards.
    Love your blog, followed it for couple of years :)


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