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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our adventure

Ok, I mentioned in my last blog post that we had an adventure.  I'm pretty certain it's over now so I'll tell you what's been going on.

A family friend of mine (she was the drama teacher for both my brother and myself and kind of responsible for making our high school experiences tolerable) is a casting agent.  She put out a call on facebook that they were casting for a commercial and needed "real people", not actors.  Well, we're real people so I contacted her and sent in the materials needed to be considered.

This is a huge move for me.  I'm trying to be better about putting myself out there, to get in the path of opportunity and face potential rejection.  I thought that would take the form of doing more craft fairs and risk not having anyone want my pottery, or maybe trying to get some writing published and having it not be good enough.  But this?  Yeah, this was putting myself out there just about as naked as could be.  I never expected my resolution to be tested quite to much, and I followed through even though I tried to convince myself several times that I wasn't what they were looking for and I shouldn't bother.

The questionnaire was long and primarily about our home and the messes within.  We also had to send in pictures of our main living areas.  And I did it.  I was completely honest about how we live even though I'm fairly embarrassed that I don't maintain a cleaner home.  When I took pictures, I didn't clean up first.  This is me, this is my family, and this is how we really live.

I put it out there and expected that to be the end of it.  My main fear was having someone I respect (said family friend) look at it and go "OMG, how embarrassing, I thought she'd amount to more than that in life" and send us straight to the recycle bin.  But no!  We were actually called in for an on camera interview!

We packed up the family and headed down to the office to chat on camera and have our looks, personalities, and general appeal factor picked over and judged.  Are you proud of me?

Middie Biddie got car sick on the way and once we got there, she was all over the place.  I couldn't really focus on the questions being asked because she was wandering around and I was afraid she would get too close to the heater on the floor or would pull on the camera cable knocking the whole room over.  K had Teeny Tiny on his lap and she had been feeling under the weather the week prior so she was pretty content to just sit there while he answered most of the questions.

That was on Monday and since they have a tight schedule, I'm assuming they've already followed up with everyone they wanted to follow up with and we didn't make the cut.  But who cares!  Ok, I care, it would have been awesome to be cast, but I still consider it a major personal win.  I put myself out there, and I wasn't laughed at.  For at least one moment, we were appealing enough to be given a second glance.  I also got to introduce my girls to someone from my past that I admire and quite frankly, who's approval I've always sought.  It was nice having a brief moment to chat with her.

So that was our adventure.  It didn't amount to much in the end, but every step forward I take where I'm not completely beaten back is a personal victory and I'm celebrating it!


  1. I'm proud of you for following through!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful adventure and I'm so glad you did it!!


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