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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today didn't work

Most days, we've got a pretty good groove going.  Wake up, eat, play, after they've been awake for about 90-120 minutes, down for a nap, rinse and repeat.

Today, Tina wouldn't finish her bottles.  She left about half an ounce in all of them.  She did that thing that she does where when she's eating solids, she cries like her tummy hurts or something until the spoon gets near her and then she gobbles it down.  We've figured out that her problem is that she likes eating so much, she gets upset at the pause in between bites.

Charlotte finished her bottles, but was just a spit up queen.  Every time I took my eyes off her and looked back, it was time for another wardrobe change.  Most often it was because she spit up, but we lost an outfit or two to errant poop.  I stopped putting her in jammies and started going for tshirts and pants in hopes of reducing the amount of laundry she was generating, but no, she managed to spit up on both the tshirt and the pants just to ensure we did a full wardrobe change every 5 minutes.  Between them, they also necessitated putting the tummy time play mat and 2 boppy covers through the laundry.

Yesterday, we had all of the laundry in the house done and put away.  It was a major undertaking because we were a little behind, but we went to bed with a sense of accomplishment.  Today, I've put through 5 more loads and still have another load in the hamper to do.

Tina was generally content, but not her quite her dynamic, happy self.  She spent a lot of time playing in her exersaucer because Charlotte was getting upset whenever she was put down.  She didn't seem to be hurting in anyway, she would smile and be happy when we sang songs, but she wanted to be held a good portion of the day.  I did my best to engage and interact with Tina while holding Charlotte but still feel like she kind of got the shaft.  Besides, I spent so much of the day at the changing station just changing Charlotte's clothes....I'm just glad both tend to be pretty content playing on their own most times.

Anyway, something was up with their naps today.  After about an hour, both would show tired signs.  I'd keep them up a few more minutes because I figured I was misreading them, but they would continue to show tired signs so I'd put them to bed.  Sometimes that worked out, but other times it was a screamfest for 20 minutes or so before they would conk out.  Then they'd only be asleep for about 30 minutes before getting up again.  Usually when they wake up, they are happy and cheery but today they seemed to wake up crying which is really unusual.  So we spent the day in this weird unpleasant 2 hour cycle when we're usually on a 3-4 hour cycle.

This did not do good things for my pumping schedule.

Thinking back over the whole day, the only thing I can think of is maybe something was off about their milk.  When my folks babysat last night, I started thawing 2 bags in case there wasn't enough fresh in the fridge for the time we were gone.  They weren't needed, so today I distributed that milk into the bottles for today.  Maybe it upset their tummies or something?  I used it less than 24 hours after thawing it.  Tina did reject the last half ounce of her bottles, but chugged down the other 3.5oz and Charlotte seemed to enjoy it just fine.  Normally if there's anything off about the milk, they both reject it outright.  They've never had an issue with thawed milk before.  I just don't know.

Normally bedtime is about 7pm but their naps were so weird, they ended up in bed at 6pm.  Then they woke up about 7:30pm but I didn't want to do a full wake cycle so they got bottles in their crib, I changed both diapers, then did the truncated one person bedtime routine all in the darkened nursery and they went back to sleep about 8:15pm.  I hope their day is over.

No catastrophes or anything, it just didn't work right today.


  1. Bad day times two with twins. Hoping today is a much better day for all of you.

  2. It may not be something you are interested in, but babywearing may be something for you to look into. Finding a good comfortable carrier would allow you accommodate whichever one wants to be held and close while still having your hands free to interact with the other one.


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