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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My little homunculi

n. pl. ho·mun·cu·li (-l)
1. A diminutive human.
2. A miniature, fully formed individual

For a change of pace, K and I took the girls out to dinner tonight.  It's something we need to be doing more of, getting the girls out of the house.  I'm just such an extreme homebody that I can be in the house for weeks and hardly notice.  But I don't want the girls world to be so small that they get nervous when they find themselves outside of these walls so I'm going to make a concerted effort to load them up and move them out more.

Our waitress fawned over them quite appropriately.  Charlotte just sat there wubbanubbin away, Tina looked around with a bit of concern until I took her out of the stroller and we played a little bit.  Once we introduced her to the space, she was pleased as punch to flirt with whoever happened by.

The manager came over to check them out and thought they were newborns.  "They're what, about 6-7 weeks?"  *sigh*  They'll be 7 MONTHS in a couple of days.

The girls are finally showing signs of growing out of their 3m clothing and we busted out the 3-6m size today.  Hardly have anything in that size.  Probably because for most babies, they skip through these in between sizes so fast that people don't bother to buy them and thus I didn't get a whole lot of them in the hand me downs.  But my girls don't zoom through the sizes.  They get to wear each size for a couple of months before they start getting a little tight.  I wonder if they'll be spending their first birthday in 6m clothes.

I kind of figured once we got them a few months old, they would kind of average out in size by gaining extra weight early on to bring their start weight up near average, but they aren't doing that.  Everything is right on track for when they are supposed to double or triple their birth weight, but with their birth weights so slow, it makes for HUGE differences now.  So when we talk about doubling birth weight, for most people, that's somewhere in the 14-16lb range.  For my girls, it's the 8-9lb range.  I was kind of hoping to be able to continually give hand me downs to my buddy Tulip who just brought home her little girl.  You'd think that with a 7 month head start, my girls would outgrow clothing in enough time for hers to fit in them.  But she's starting out at a healthy 8lbs, and I would not be at all surprised if in 3 months her baby girl is wearing the same size as my girls, and surpasses them shortly thereafter!

It's going to look really funny if they are walking while still so physically small.  Little people running around, bumping their foreheads on my kneecap.  Oh well.  At least it will take a long time for them to outgrow their car seats and by extension, the double stroller and our small cars.


  1. If it makes you feel any better about the girls size, my 6 month old can still wear some newborn things. She has just started wearing 3-6 months. Her older sister is 4, weighs 25lbs, and wears 24mo or 2Ts. My older daughter was 3 weeks early but the baby was full term.

  2. At least it is both of you girls and not just one. My little guy was wearing his brother's hand me downs by 6 months, while his brother was busting out of his clothes ahead of schedule. They just turned 7, my little guy can still fit in some 5T clothes, while his brother had been wearing size 8 since the beginning of the school year. Ironically, NB was 7 lbs 1 oz at birth, big for a twin.

  3. Aw, they are petite little girls! :D

    On one hand it sucks not to have a lot of free clothes in the 3-6mo size, but on the other hand, you can pick out everything they wear...! I love free clothes but so much of it is so not attractive, somebody else's taste, but I have a hard time justifying new purchases because those were free.

  4. In the guys defense... I have NEVER been good at guessing baby ages. I've offended the crap out of some parents guessing how old their babies were. Maybe he's just like that?

    It's funny how some people get an excess of one thing and not a lot of another. For instance, I have a TONE of 0-3 and 3-6 month old clothes, but very little newnborn sizes clothes. I mean, I have enough that I don't have to worry about Seedling being sad and nekkid, but all of it barely fills a single drawer. All that to say, PLEASE don't worry about being able to pass things down to Seedling. Your daughters are beautiful, perfect and healthy! Being small has it's advantages, as you pointed out! I'm sure they will eventually catch up, but it might not be by the time they turn 1, you know? And keep in mind, that if I recall correctly, you and K aren't exactly super tall, so maybe they would just naturally be on the short side anyway?


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