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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TV, Cheerios, and Snot

That's our household this week, TV, Cheerios, and snot.

I know I've claimed the girls were coming down with things before, but it never really got beyond just threatening to get sick.  Well, now they're sick.  We went 18 months before their first illness.  I really could have gone another 18 months.

So far, I'm the only one only mildly hit.  I might not even be sick at all but just run down because my ankle is hurting and I've got some other mild things going on.  K has been hit pretty hard and called out of work yesterday which he hardly ever does.

The girls are just snot monsters.  Waking up howling with goatees of snot.  We've tried the nose frida and it does it's job, but it only gets the snot that's there, not the snot that's coming 5 minutes later.  Makes it hardly worth bothering.

During the day, they don't really want to eat meals so they are kind of living from their little snack cups.  I'm trying to put in things other than cheerios, but for the most part, they just want to sit in front of the TV and munch all day.

As for sleep, they're waking up howling pretty randomly.  Last night we had Teeny Tiny in our bed since she was waking up more often and it made her wake up times minimal.  First time we ever had a baby in bed with us.  Yeah, I relished!  But now that they are starting to get over it, it's time to redo sleep training and remind them that they know how to put themselves to sleep in their cribs.  Teeny Tiny really prefers sleeping with a person and as much as I want to make that happen, she needs to go to sleep in her crib.  If she wakes up when we're in bed, ok, she can come to our bed, but we're not, and it's her bedtime, so she's having to cry it out tonight.  I've been in there to check and she's perfectly fine when she has our attention, she doesn't really need us.  Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself that she needs to cry it out and I just keep typing to keep myself from going in there again?

A couple more days and then we'll go back our routines.  Back to real meals and playtime without TV.

This sucks.  Please calm down Teeny Tiny.  I really can't handle this.


A couple of minutes after publishing this, I caved and went in for snuggles.  As soon as I had her in the rocking chair, she was happy and began to fall asleep.  She woke up pissed off just as quickly when I put her back in the crib.  Damned if I do, damned if I don't.  If I do, I just prolong the upset and teach bad habits.  If I don't, I'm being a cruel bitch who doesn't even comfort her baby when she's hurting.

Ok, in the time it took me to type that, I think the crying has stopped.  So maybe I did the right thing.  Maybe I calmed her down enough that she's too sleepy now to keep up the tantrum.  Yup, she's now lying down, perhaps whimpering a little bit, but as long as she's lying down, sleep will eventually win.  Before, she was standing in the corner of the crib by the door just screeching for one of us to go in.  Please let this be the last word on the subject for the night.  Please let this be sleep taking over and not just a small break in the howling.  Please let me be a good mom.


  1. Asher is sick, too, with a cold that turned into an ear infection, a touch of croup and a touch of bronchiolitis. He's been doing the random crying in the middle of the night thing, too. Poor kiddos.

  2. Aw I hope she fell asleep ok. <3

  3. You're not a bitch! But I have to say to add… .I'm HORRIBLE at CIO methods. My husband wants me to try this and it makes ME want to cry! I hope ya'll all feel better quickly!


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