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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lean on me

Where Middie Biddie spends
a great deal of her time
We've hit the affection stage!  Both girls now want me to hang out on the floor in the playroom with them all the time.

Middie Biddie has learned to pivot on her tummy and can move a little bit, we suspect she'll be mobile in the next week or two, but she's also teething which is making her needy.  I'm trying to give her floor time so she can figure out the whole crawling thing, but she really just wants to be held all the time.  She's starting to bury her face in my chest and kind of head butts me and rubs her head on me from time to time.  I'm trying to give her floor time, but she tends to get upset.

Teeny Tiny is more independent.  I can walk away from her and she'll find something to entertain herself, but she really prefers that I be there.  She's now crawling all over my legs and prefers to lean on me as she plays with a toy.  That's nice and everything, but she's not interacting with me, just using my legs or my hip to lean her back against while she sits and plays with something.  Every once in a while, she'll climb up into my arms and give me a hug, and then she's off again!  Every once in a while I'll lie down in there and use a boppy as a pillow and she'll come and lie down with me.
My view of my lap a good portion of the day.
Middie Biddie between my legs and Teeny Tiny trying to
climb over her to get to me.

YAY!!!!  We're finally hitting a real snuggle stage!

I'm starting to pack up the baby stuff.  When K finally gets a day or two off, we're probably going to have the great baby purge.  I've decided that I can keep a few things under the bed just in case we have another - my favorite baby clothes, 2 of each type of bottle, my pumping stuff, but most of it has to go.  Apparently there's someone in my mothers friend circle who is about halfway through a twin pregnancy so once we find out if there's a girl, that will probably be the person behind me in the hand me down chain.  Being the youngest child of two youngest children and having kids so late in life, there's simply no one for me to hand down to!  Even fellow local blogger Tulips baby, who is about 7 months younger than the girls, is wearing the size clothing that I'm currently moving the girls into.

At the moment I'm leaning towards no more kids.  But I've leaned the other direction several times in the last year so we're aren't making any final decisions on that until the girls are 3 years old.  From what I've seen, when kids hit about 3, that's when parents start yearning for another one so we'll keep that option open just in case that happens to us.

This one just makes me laugh
Looks like we're about ready to buy a new car.  The girls will grow out of their car seats within 2 months give or take and there's no way I'm dealing with rear facing, full sized car seats in a 2 door car.  I was thinking a brand new car because I hate to buy someone elses problems, but now I'm thinking of getting something with the expectation of only using it for about 3 years.  Probably an old Honda Odyssey with high miles and a very low sticker price.  I only put about 3,000 miles on a car every year (my car is 13 years old and only 58k on it) and once we're done with rear facing car seats and strollers, I might not want a big giant van anymore.  By the time the girls hit kindergarten, I should have a better idea of just how many kids we'll ultimately have, whether or not I get involved in some sort of carpool situation, or just what it is a family needs in a car.  So it seems better to buy something really cheap right now, run it into the ground, and then buy a new car in a few years that I can expect to drive until the girls are driving it.

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  1. I went with a used Honda Odyssey too (I have been a new car buyer, but couldn't afford a new one). I love it. I got one with all the bells and whistles with the intent of it being our vehicle for a long time.

    I cannot imagine having a smaller vehicle. Just our stroller alone needs a lot of space. I am taking a trip with the babies this summer and still don't know if everything I will want to take will fit. :)

    My mom had a minivan for just her and my brother and I (when we were older) and it worked well, especially for traveling.


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