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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Buy Nothing Bothell House giveaway

I posted my house as a giveaway on Buy Nothing Bothell but it's become a bit of a mess due to the groups splintering off right now.  There's discussion of this house in 3 different places so I'm writing this to point everyone to one place.

Here's what's going on -

We have a 1976 Pre Hud manufactured home that we need removed from our property.  We are slated to demolish it on or around May 15th and that demolition and haul away is going to cost us a lot of money we'd rather not spend.  So I am hoping to give the house away to someone who can make some use out of it and will take on the cost of having it moved to another property.  Due to tax issues with receiving a gift valued over $10k, we will accept payment of $1 so it is a purchase rather than a gift if necessary.

I don't know how one moves a house so I can't answer those questions, but I can give you the phone number of a guy who does have those kind of answers.  Rather than put his number out here, I will tell you his name and where to reach him, but you have to google and find the phone number yourself in an effort to reduce how many people call him who aren't seriously interested.  He knows exactly what house you'll be talking about so you will be able to talk to him about specifics and not just in the hypothetical.  I haven't gotten any bids on what it will cost to transport the house, but I'm hearing various numbers between $6k - $10k.

The house -

It's a 1976 double wide, external dimensions of 64x28ft, approximately 1700sqft of living space.

Currently 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, but the addition of one wall and a door will turn the office into a third bedroom for minimal investment.  Very open floor plan with a large kitchen.  A storage closet was added to the dining room.  The regular closet in the second bedroom was removed because we needed to fit 2 cribs in there.  There's a 1970's tastic wet bar in the living room.  Good sized utility room.

We will be taking the washer and dryer with us and probably selling the fridge, but the stove and dishwasher will be left in the house.

Things we've done in the last 10 years -

New water heater about 8 or 9 years ago.  We put down laminate flooring last year, but never got around to installing the molding around the edges.  Most of the house had newer vinyl windows when we moved in and we just replaced 2 windows last month (because we're brilliant like that).

Why we gave up on improving the house and are opting to just replace it instead -

We have found black mold throughout the master bathroom.  I would recommend gutting and completely rebuilding it before anyone attempts to live in the house.  We found a couple of leaks in the roof, above the second bedroom and causing the mold problem in the bathroom.  It can be patched for now, but you'll likely need to replace the roof entirely within the next 5 years.  At that point we stopped investigating problems with the house and just said forget it, so there may be more improvements necessary.  But those are the immediate problems that a new owner will need to address.

Ok, time for pictures.  Now, I really apologize for crappiness of these pictures.  I didn't expect anyone to actually want this house, and ran around snapping shots when someone asked for them.  I have 2 toddlers and everything we own is currently on the floor or on countertops as we sort crap in preparation for the move.

So, that's what's up with the house giveaway on Buy Nothing Bothell.  If you can haul it before May 15th, you can have it!

Comment below with any questions so I can answer them for everyone, and contact me with the form on the right if you're actually interested.

PS - there are two sheds in the back, one of which we're keeping.  But you can have the other one if you can move that too!

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