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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Language click

Unlike the first year, the second year doesn't have a milestone every few weeks.  The milestones that they do have are much more subtle.

But I think Teeny Tiny hit one today!  The girls can talk, but there's still not a whole lot of meaning to it.  It's still pretty much just parroting what they hear, maybe confirming something after I ask it as a question.  "All done?"  "Ahhh dun!"

Middie Biddie is a major chatterbox.  She's babbling constantly, often stringing together phonetic sounds to mimic sentences she hears on a regular basis.  She can count to 10 and sing the alphabet song, but I'm pretty sure it's still just strings of sounds to her.

Teeny Tiny doesn't babble much.  She has a few favorite words that she says over and over, but it seems that where Middie Biddie is going for quantity, Teeny Tiny is going for quality.  The few words she has are true identifiers.  She especially likes it when she sees and identifies some sort of brush.

We figured that with Middie Biddie constantly talking, she would be the first to use real expressive language.  But Teeny Tiny shocked me when I was getting her dressed today and she was getting annoyed, she started saying "All done!  All done!"  She expressed that sentiment about several things that displeased her today.

I've so been looking forward to this click.  The click where they can start actively expressing to me what they want, don't want, and general preferences.  The click where we can start exchanging our intentions and desires with words rather than just actions.  I know it's still a long haul before we get to real verbal communication, but it's finally starting!  It's crossing over from just this sound identifies this thing to I want that thing so I'm going to make that sound to let Mommy know I want that thing!



  1. I'm so excited to hear this!! I've been waiting for the language to click for us as twins just turned 20 months. There are times when it seems like it might be happening, but it disappears as soon as it started. Not having milestones every few weeks to look forward to is kind of a downer. Congrats on the talking! The girls are adorable!!

    1. Amber, I'm with you and Alex on this one - just so very excited for my twins to start with the real language. It's been so frustrating and difficult to be patient for this huge milestone, as they will be 19 months next week. So many resources say that there should be at least 6 words by 18 months and that hasn't been the case for us!


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