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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Still itty bitty

The girls are 22 months and I thought they would be much closer to average size by now.  But no, they are still itty bitty for their age.

I took Middie Biddie out to Starbucks a couple of days ago (K and I are trying to take them out one at a time when he's available so we can practice public behavior) and someone telling me how cute she was guessed she was around 15-16 months.  *sigh*

We needed to get them some more shoes and we learned that they are moving up into toddler size 5, also known as approximately 12-18 month.  They are generally wearing size 18m clothing right now but 12-18m is actually a better fit.  I put 18m jeans on them the other day and they kept almost falling off.

Swimming in size 18m hoodies
I'm curious to see how this pans out.  The 18m snow pants that they've only worn once, with the cover-all portion as tight as possible and still seeming to be too big, any chance when winter cycles back around we'll still be able to use them?  Maybe they'll just be a little snug but still wearable?

I swear I'm feeding them.  I think Middie Biddie is actually growth spurting right now because she's eating everything she can get her hands on.  Teeny Tiny ends up feeding her a good portion of her meal because she's done eating and thinks it's funny to feed other people.

Oh well.  At least we get a few months use out of each size of clothing.

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  1. Yeah - I know, I haven't commented in forever. Sorry! But I'm still here. :-)
    Bunny's the same. She's seven months now and still wearing 3-6. She transitioned out of NB stuff at 5 months.
    My mom just got back from a visit to the states and came back with 9-12m summer clothes.
    If we're lucky, she'll wear them for a month.
    They're happy, they're eating, they're growing. That's what's important.
    They're also gorgeous, BTW. :-)


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