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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The harness is off and we might hire help

Yay!  The harness is officially off!

And ever since, Tina has become very talkative.  Just cooing and chatting away with giggles and rolling over while hanging out on my tummy.  Usually when I hear these noises, it's Charlotte.  They sound just alike.

K is still trying to figure out how to get out of so many closing shifts, but last night we had some issues.  He was doing the overnight shift he's been stuck on once a week for the last couple of months.  Well, the window of drowsy hit the girls around the same time and I put all my effort into getting Tina fully down before tending to Charlotte since Tina has been the difficult one lately.

By the time I was able to feed, bathe, and rock Charlotte, the window was long gone and she was upset.  She did that screech that we haven't really heard from her for a while.  It was horrible.  Her face all red, little eyes bugging out, and she just sounded like she was in so much pain.  I started to get scared and around midnight I called K and told him I was getting desperate.  He was scheduled to work until 2:30am but I was totally at the end of my rope.  He told me to give her some Tylenol and call him back if she was still going in 20 minutes.  So 30 minutes later, I called him back because she was still going.  I believe what I screamed was "Tylenol doesn't fix over tired!" and when he asked if I was desperate I told him "I called you when I was at my wits end.  I'm now 45 minutes beyond my wits end."  So he came home.  The house finally got quiet around 1:30am.

If K had been home in the 9-10pm hour, we would have been able to catch both their windows and had them down no later than 11pm and all would have been well with no gut wrenching screeching.

Even though we can't really afford it, I've sent an inquiry to a local nanny service about hiring a mothers helper for those nights that K is closing.  Part of the reason I haven't wanted to ask for help is because some nights things are really easy and I feel like an ass having someone there to do nothing.  But then there are those nights when everything goes to hell, but I don't know how bad it sucks until after 10pm and I would feel like an ass calling anyone that late.  Maybe if I had a mothers helper from 7pm-11pm on nights that K closes, s/he could help out when the nights suck, and on the good nights, maybe she'd be able to cook a meal or two to freeze for later in the week or help me catch up on laundry and dishes.  It would also be nice to have someone I could call when I'm offered a video job and don't yet know if K will be working that day. I could take the job knowing that I have someone available to babysit if he's working.

I really don't want to hire help.  What I want is for K to work reasonable hours and be here in the evenings.  But that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon and we can't go on with the three ladies of the household being miserable for a few hours of every night.

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  1. Wishing they had a nanny training program so you could get discounted service.


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